Tektronix AM503b

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TEK AM503b current probe amplifier


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Status Discontinued
See also AM5030

The Tektronix AM503B and AM5030 current probe amplifiers let you use one probe to simultaneously measure AC and DC current. The AM 503B is a single-width instrument that plugs into any Tektronix TM 500 or TM 5000 series power module. The amplifier converts the sensed current into a proportional voltage signal that you can measure directly with an oscilloscope.

The AM503B and AM5030 provide better linearity than other current measurement systems because of a current feedback process used with the probe. DC measurement capability and high bandwidth allow the Amplifier to accurately represent square waves and fast-rise signals.

The AM503B and AM5030 are used with the AM503 family of current probes (A6312, A6302, A6302XL, A6303, A6303XL, A604XL, CT4).

  • Simultaneous DC and AC current measurements
  • High sensitivity
  • One-button autobalancing and probe degaussing
  • No adjustments needed to match a current probe to an individual amplifier (except for the A6303 current probe)
  • Probe trim adjust allows fine tuning of gain for increased accuracy
  • DC Gain Accuracy: ≤1.5% after DC accuracy measurement and cal constant loading
  • DC Balance: ±2 mV
  • RMS Noise: <250 µA (2.5 mV) to <0.25 A, depending on installed probe
  • Bandwidth: ≥100 MHz; bandwidth limits differ depending on installed probe 
  • Rise time: ≤3.5 ns to ≤175 ns depending on installed probe
  • Signal delay: ~30 ns to ~105 ns, depending on installed probe 
  • Recommended calibration interval: One year


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