Tektronix 7A13

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TEKTRONIX 7A13 Differential Comparator Amplifier Plug-in - Calibration only


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Status Discontinued

The 7A13 vertical plug-in is a DC-coupled differential comparator amplifier. It incorporates a number of features that make it particularly versatile, especially in multitrace combination with other 7000 Series vertical plug-ins. It provides excellent common-mode rejection and medium gain characteristics for medium level applications. In can be used as a differential input preamplifier or conventional preamplifier in addition to its use as a comparator.

The 7A13 has constant bandwidth over the 1 mV/div to 5 V/div relection factor range. The bandwidth is selectable to FULL or 5 MHz for best displayed noise conditions for low-frequency applications.

As a differential amplifier, the 7A13 provides a balanced (+ and -) input for applications requiring rejection of a common-mode signal. The cmrr is 20000:1 from DC to 100 kHz, derating to 200:1 at 20 MHz. The unit can reject up to 10 V of common-mode signal at a deflection factor setting of 1 mV/div signal, increasing to 100 V rejection potential at 10 mV/div (X10 Vc pulled) and 500 V at 0.1 V/div.

As a comparator amplifier, the 7A13 loses its differential capability, but provides an accurate (0.1%) positive or negative internal offsetting voltage covering the common-mode signal range of the unit. A signal of up to ±10 V may be applied to an input (+ or -) at a deflection factor setting of 1 mV/div and, with an opposing Vc (offset voltage), viewed in 10000 segments of 1 mV. The offset voltage is also available as an output for external monitoring.

  • Bandwidth: DC to 105 MHz (7900 family)
  • Calibrated deflection factor: 1 mV/div to 5 V/div; Uncalibrated (variable): 12.5 V/Div
  • Common mode rejection ratio DC to 100 kHz: 20000:1
  • Common mode rejection ratio AC coupled at 60 Hz: At least 2000:1
  • Effective screen height: 10000 cm
  • Frequency response AC (capacitive) coupled input lower bandwidth frequency: 10 Hz or less
  • Frequency response 5 MHz bandwidth: DC to 5 MHz within 500 kHz
  • Overdrive recovery (1X attenuator at 1 mV/Div): Recovers to within 2 mV in 1 µs (and 1 mV in 0.1 ms) after a pulse of +10 V or -10 V, or less, regardless of pulse generation
  • Maximum input voltage: 500 VDC
  • 1 MΩ, 20.0 pF input
  • Displayed noise: 400 µV or less at 1 mV/Div
  • Comparison voltage range: 0 V to ±10 V


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