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Fluke 5725A Calibrator Amplifier


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The Fluke 5725A amplifier enhances the 5700A calibrator in the ac voltage, ac current, and dc current functions. The 5725A operates under complete control of the 5700A through an interface cable supplied with the 5725A. Both the 5720 and 5700 calibrators can increase their performance with the use of the 5725 boost amplifier. The 5725A amplifier increases maximum direct and alternating current to 11A for calibrating the high current ranges of popular low-cost, handheld DMMs. It also extends the alternating Volt-Hertz product of the calibrators to 1100V at 30 kHz and 750V at 100 kHz to cover the calibration requirements of high accuracy bench and system meters.

Voltage output from the 5725A is available at the 5700A calibrator front or rear binding posts. This eliminates the need to move cables during a procedure that requires amplified as well as standard calibrator outputs. The 5725A front or rear panel OUTPUT binding posts are only for current output. Extended-range ac and dc current is supplied through them. Since most meters with a high current range use a separate high current input terminal, this configuration normally eliminates the need to move cables during a procedure. If a single-point current output is needed, the 5700A calibrator can be configured to source all current outputs through the
5725A binding posts.

Enhancements to 5700A ac voltage output capability provided by the 5725A:

  • Frequency limits at higher voltage increase to 100 kHz at 750V, 30 kHz at 1100V
  • Load limits are to 70 mA for frequencies above 5 kHz, and to 50 mA for frequencies less than 5 kHz
  • Capacitive load limits are increased to 1000 pF

5725A operating functions and ranges:

  • AC voltage: 220 to 1100V rms up to 70 mA (50 mA < 5 kHz), 40 Hz to 30 kHz; 220 to 750V rms up to 70 mA, 30 kHz to 100 kHz
  • DC current: 0 to ±11A
  • AC current: 1 to 11A rms, 40 Hz to 10 kHz


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