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Guildline 7620 Wide Band Transconductance Amplifier / Calibrator 1 MHz

The Guildline 7620 Wide Band Transconductance Amplifier is currently sold by Guildline for just under 40K! The Guildline Model 7620 is a very wide band transconductance amplifier. By connecting the output from a stable voltage source to the 7620, it is capable of producing outputs up to 20 amps over a specified frequency range of DC to 100 kHz, and a usable frequency range extending to 1 MHz.

The 7620 has the capability of calibrating any device requiring a known stable source of current up to 20 amps, such as current shunts / current meters. The transconductance amp has been designed to satisfy a growing need for AC current measurement of power harmonics in power distribution systems.

The output of the 7620 uses a unique patented multi cell array, developed at The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This output array is extremely stable, with a zero drift of less than 50 ppm/hour at 20 amps at 30 kHz.

The 7620 offers an impressive 10 volts output compliance voltage at D.C. and low frequencies, reducing to 5 volts at 100 kHz. calibrate devices requiring a known stable source of current up to 20 amps. 4 terminal input eliminates input error


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