Agilent HP 1682A

Price : $ 8340
  •  Equipment Location : Germany
Agilent HP  Kompakter Analysator mit 68 Kanälen und Colour-CRT, maximaler Zustandstakt 200 MHz in allen Kanälen, maximale Abtastrate 400 / 800 MHz (68 / 34 Kanäle), Schnittstellen : 2x IEEE-1394, 10/100 BaseT und Parallelport, 15 GB HDD, 3 ½"-FDD, 24x CD-ROM, Maus und Tastatur sowie SVGA, detailliertes Datenblatt a. A.

Lieferung einschliesslich Maus, Tastatur sowie aller Pods.



(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 1682A Specs (1.18 MB)
Instrument Type  Benchtop  
Max. Channels Number  68  
Max. State Speed  200.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  800.0 MHz 
Memory Depth  1 MB  
Options  --  
Status Discontinued
Supported until Jun-2012
Alternative 16822A, 16802A
See also 1680AD, 1680A, 1681AD, 1681A, 1682AD
800 MHz timing with 1 M deep memory enables you to find the root cause of a problem that is widely separated from the symptom in time. 200 MHz state acquisition provides you performance and headroom for synchronous system measurements. Simple and Quick triggers let you define triggers in the context of the signals you'''re viewing. Use pull-down menus within data displays to define trigger events as edges, patterns and glitches (Simple trigger) or draw a box around a suspect event in the display to see if it reoccurs (Quick trigger). Advanced trigger lets you use drag-and-drop graphical icons as building blocks to customize complex trigger scenarios to find the most elusive problems. Time correlated measurements between an external oscilloscope and the logic analyzer help you determine how the analog quality of a signal impacts the digital operation of your device. Offline analysis allows you to analyze previously captured data on a Windows PC leaving your logic analyzer free to capture additional data. 12.1-inch built-in color flat panel display allows you to see more data and gain insight quickly. 68 channel standalone logic analyzer.


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