Keysight 3563A

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Keysight 3563A Control Systems Analyzer


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Status Discontinued
Alternative 35670A FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer, DC-102.4 kHz
See also 3562A

In addition to measuring traditional analog signals and devices, the Agilent HP 3563A control systems analyzer provides test and analysis of analog, digital, and mixed analog/digital systems. A compatible superset of the 3562A dynamic signal analyzer, this FFT-based analyzer offers the versatility required to make the most difficult spectrum, network, and waveform measurements in both the time and frequency domains.

Accurate, high resolution frequency response meaurements of mechanical and analog, digital, or mixed analog/digital electronic systems can be performed with linear resolution FFT, logarithmic resolution FFT, or swept sine analysis. A built-in signal source provides a viariety of random noise, sine wave signals, or arbitrary waveforms in either analog or digital format.

Ability to identify system poles and zeros by applying the 3563A curve fitter to a measured frequency response. Separate s- and z-domain curver fitters handle analog or digital systems. The multiple-degree-of-freedom algorithm used in the curve fitter accounts for interaction of adjacent poles more accurately than single-degree-of-freedom methods. Up to 40 poles and 40 zeros can be fit simultaneously.

  • Measurement of analog and digital signals and devices
  • Analog and digital signal sources
  • Measurement of swept sine and FFT frequency response
  • Network, spectrum, waveform, and transient analysis
  • Extraction of models with s- and z-domain curve fitting
  • Modeling of systems using frequency response synthesis
  • Linear, logarithmic, swept sine modes
  • Frequency range: 64 µHz to 100 kHz (single or dual channel operation); Resolution: span/800; Number of baseband spans: 66; Minimum baseband span: 10.24 mHz; Maximum span: 100 kHz; Time record (sec): 800/span
  • 80 dB dynamic range with full alias protection; High accuracy (±0.15 dB)
  • Analog input impedance: 1 MΩ shunted by <100 pF; Inputs can be ac or dc coupled—ac rolloff in <3 dB at 1 Hz; Crosstalk -140 dB; CMR is 80 dB at 0 Hz to 66 Hz, 65 dB at 66 Hz to 500 Hz
  • Acceptance of 16-bit digital input signals; 13 bit digital input signal spectrum analysis; 16 bit swept sine, digital network analysis
  • All analog signal types can be output from the digital source connector; Maximum output rate: 256 kHz
  • Analog source: Random noise, burst random, sine chirp, burst chirp, fixed sine, swept sine; Output level: Between +10 and -10 Vpk (ac + dc) into a ≥10 kΩ, <1000 pF load, maximum current 20 mA; ac level: ±5 Vpk; dc offset: ±10 Vpk
  • Trigger modes: Free run, input channel 1, input channel 2, source and external trigger; Trigger delay: Pre- and post-trigger delay resolution is 1 sample (1/2048 of a time record)


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