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Dranetz PP1/P Portable 3-Phase Power Analysis Platform w/printer

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(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Input Channels  8 channel, 4 voltage and 4 current  
Instrument Type  Portable  
Interfaces  RS-232, Screen, Printer, PC card  
Operation Modes  scope, meter, data recorder, time plots  
Measurements  Power quality, harmonics, flicker, disturbance, demand and energy, inrush (V, I, W, VA, VAR, PF)  
Status Discontinued

Customize the PP1 to suit your needs. Insert a Dranetz-BMI TASKCard®, and the PP1 becomes a different device with a new set of functions. TASKCards include PQPlus, 8000(Energy/Harmonics), Inrush, and TASKCard Flicker.

  • Portable Package
  • Eight Channel, 4 Voltage and 4 Current
  • Easy Start™ for automated set-ups (TASKCards PQPlus and Flicker)
  • Scope Mode®
  • Meter Mode
  • TASKCard® Operating System Technology
  • Measure Power Quality, Harmonics, Energy, InRush, and Flicker
  • Measure V,I,W, VA,VAR,PF, Demand & Energy (TASKCard 8000)
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Disturbance Capture (TASKCard PQPlus)
  • Two Hour UPS
  • Menu Driven Operation
  • RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Waveform Capture (TASKCard PQPlus)
  • Simultaneous Channel Capture
  • Classifies Power Quality Disturbances to IEEE 1159 (TASKCard PQPlus)
  • Classifies Voltage Flicker in Accordance with IEC-868 (TASKCard Flicker)
  • Time Plot Any Monitored Parameter
  • Integral PC Memory Card Interface
  • Supported by Dran-View PC Analysis and Report Writer


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