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Master Kleen MPS 5000 PCB Cleaner

Dims: 42”H x 89”L x 60”W, Wash Chamber: 24” Long Manifold Arrangement: (fixed position) Process Chamber: Spraytubes-5 top/5 bottom Recirc Rinse Chamber: Spraytubes- 2 top/2 bottom Final Rinse Chamber: Spraytubes- 1 top/1 bottom Nozzle Arrangement: (staggered array) Recirc Rinse: Spraytubes- 3top/3 bottom Nozzles Fan Type- 13 top/13 bottom Rinal Rinse Chamber: Fan Type- 3 top/3 bottom (16”) 4 top/ 4 bottom (24”) Process Pump: 2HP, 220 V, 3 phase, 3450 RPM (standard) Controls: Temperature setting for heating element Main pump conveyor on/off switch Conveyor speed control (0-12 FPM) Dryer control switch, Power: on/off switch Recirc rinse pump on/off switch


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Input Channels  1-6 power phases (option of 8 analog/impulse inputs)  
Instrument Type  Portable  
Interfaces  RS-232, Screen, GPIB, Printer  
Operation Modes  Recorder, Scope  
Measurements  V and I (rms, crest factor, peak values, mean, form factor, fundamental content, distortion factor), W, Var VA, M, N, Pm, Hz, energy, harmonics  
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The Norma High Precision Power Analyzer delivers precise measurements of single or three-phase current and voltage as well as calculation of power and other derived values. It provides class-leading accuracy for any wave form, frequency, or phase shift. Its 144 mm (5.7 in) color display makes it easy to use both in the field and as a table unit in labs and on test benches.

Norma 4000: 1-3 power phases, numeric screen, harmonic analysis, scope mode, vector diagram, recorder function and 4 MB RAM data memory

Norma 5000: 1-6 power phases; internal printer and all Norma 4000 functions

  • Compact, high precision power analyzer is easy to carry and saves working space
  • Easy to use with simple user interface
  • Customer can build functionality for his own application with unique modular design.
  • Accurately view dynamic events on all phases at exactly the same point in time with simultaneous parallel acquisition of all phases.
  • All inputs galvanically separated to avoid short circuits in all applications
  • Voltage, current and power harmonics up to the 40th
  • FFT analysis, vector diagram and DSO mode included
  • 15ms up to 3600s free selectable average time for dynamic measurements
  • 4 MB memory for sample or average data on board
  • A choice of four interfaces to select from: RS232, IEE488, Ethernet, USB2.0 for fast and easy connection to PC
  • PI1 Process interface to measure torque and speed with external sensors + 4 analogue outputs for easy use on motor and drive applications
  • 102kHz / 341kHz or 1MHz sample rate
  • Bandwidth from dc to 3MHz / 10MHz
  • 2 years calibration interval recommended; as opposed to competitors who calibrate in intervals of 3 months to 1 year


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