Coherent COHERENT LM ULTIMA Laser Power & Energy Analyzer

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The Coherent LM Ultima LabMaster is a comprehensive power and energy measuring and analyzing system for CW, single pulse and repetitive pulse laser measurements. LabMaster supports thermopile, pyroelectric and semiconductor photodiode sensor technologies and operates with a choice of over 30 Coherent SmartSensor detector heads. CW beam powers can be measured with thermopile and semiconductor sensors. The energies of pulsed beams can be measured for single shot events (pyroelectric and thermal sensors) and for repetition rates up to 400 Hz (pyroelectric sensors) with a display update rate of 3 Hz. The average power of repetitively pulsed beams can be measured and displayed as Watts with thermopile sensors (>10 Hz), and pyroelectric sensors (1-400 Hz). Data can be displayed on the large screen with digital, strip chart and analog-bar presentations and logged to memory, a printer, or the RS-232 and IEEE 488 ports. LabMaster features a complete statistics package for power and energy analysis, including minimum, maximum, median, standard deviation, two sigma, trending, histogram and RMS noise. Specifications. Display Type: High speed, high contrast liquid crystal display. Wide viewing angle, 256 x 128 pixels. Display Options: Software control of contrast, normal or reverse display and screen backlighting. Update Rate: < second Display Accuracy: ±1% ±2 LSD (Must be added to detector accuracy for total system accuracy.) Interfaces: RS-232 (300, 1200, 4800, 9600 baud), GPIB (IEEE-488.2) Analog Out: 0-1 V, ±2%, Computer Correct: 5 Hz, Full Bandwidth: 50 KHz (optional, for Semiconductor detectors only). Options. 33-0621, Ultima LabMaster 1 Channel Enhanced. 33-0613 Ultima LabMaster 2 Channel Enhanced. 33-0647, Ultima LabMaster 1 Channel.


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