Sartorius 4503 MP6

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Sartorius 4503 MP6 6-decimal Balance

4.100g X 0.000001g (1uG). FROM THE DISTRIBUTORS LITERATURE: Weighs up to 300,000 micrograms directly to 1 microgram. Maximum capacity is 4100mg (4.1g). Built-in weights from 200 to 3800mg. Convenient motorized pan extraction is initiated by pushbutton; the pendulum motion of the pan is eliminated. Door opens automatically for easy loading of sample. Calibration is push-button automatic. Unit can be connected to Sartorius data input and out terminals.

As we are selling it on consignment, we are selling it AS IS with 15 days to return for full refund less all associated shipping, customs fees and duty, if you find it to be functionally defective. We will do some testing prior to shipping.
Dimensions: 8"L x 15"W x 10"H (outside).
Electrical: 220 Volts, 50/60 Hz,
Condition: Used"


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