Keysight 11613B

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Keysight 11613B Calibrator for scalar network analyzers


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The Agilent 11613B is a dedicated transfer standard for calibration of the Agilent 8757D/E scalar network analyzers. The Agilent 11613B provides a standard, a 27.778 kHz source and a series of precision attenuators. The calibrator includes software that verifies (and adjusts, if necessary) the internal calibration parameters stored in the nonvolatile memory of the analyzer.

  • Maximum output level: 4.9 ±0.065 Vrms (250 kHz bandwidth)
  • Signal symmetry: 50 ±2% duty cycle
  • Signal frequency: 27,778 ±12 Hz
  • Signal waveform
    • Peak to peak: 10.6 ±0.5 V
    • Rise time (10% to 90%): 3.4 ±0.4 µs
    • Overshoot: Negligible (with high impedance load)
  • Connector types: BNC (f), 5-pin audio, 9-pin GPIO interface


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