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Guildline series 9330 Standard Resistors contain hermetically sealed resistance elements. Its design is based on a thorough reappraisal of all earlier resistor designs, the aim of the program being the significant reduction of each “classical” source of error; temperature coefficients and variations therein; thermal as well as electrical time constants; thermal EMF’s; and voltage and power coefficients.

The resistance wire element is suspended in oil in a hermetically sealed case with a cover plate of low leakage acrylic. The connections to the resistance element are made in a four-terminal configuration, with the potential terminals mounted on the cover plate and the current terminals on the horns.

All terminals are solid thermal copper to reduce thermal EMF’s. Models 9330-10M & 100M have a cover plate made from Delrin acetyl thermoplastic and use a two-terminal configuration plus a ground terminal (no horns). Values below 10MΩ are designed to be immersed in temperature controlled oil or air baths.

  • Stability < 3.5 ppm
  • Low thermal EMF design
  • Nominal Accuracy to < 2.5 ppm
  • Report of Calibration traceable to NIST or NRCC included
  • Available from 0.1Ω through 100MΩ in decade values
  • 4-terminal design up to 1MΩ
  • Special values available on request
  • Temperature Coefficient < 2 ppm/0C
  • Hermetically sealed in oil
  • Designed for use in temperature controlled oil baths
  • Operating Range 18°C to 40°C


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