Sorvall RC-3B with H6000 rotor

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Sorvall RC-3B High Speed Floor Centrifuge with H6000 rotor

Sorvall RC-3B High Speed Floor Centrifuge
Great Condition
30 day Money Back Warranty

Width 32 in.
Depth 37 in.
Height 48 in.
Weight 627 lbs.
Max Speed 6,000 rpm
Max Volume 6 liters
Refrigerant R-502
Electrical Requirement 30 Amps, 220 Volts

The Sorvall RC-3B is an improved version of the venerable RC-3. A balanced motor ensures quiet running operation with a full speed range, and promotes long life for brushes and bearings. The gyro-action drive so popular in the RC-3 was improved by adding a square spindle drive shaft which locks the rotor in place and allows the rotor lid to be easily removed.

The RC-3B utilizes the following safety features; Automatic shut-off of the centrifuge motor for "over-speed" protection and for the refrigeration motor to prevent damage from overheating;

Electrical circuit breaker on the main power and control panel circuit; operating controls which may be changed, intentionally or accidentally, without causing harm to the centrifuge;

A door interlock which prevents opening the chamber door while the rotor is in motion


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