Microtel 1295

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Microtel 1295 Includes 18-26.5GHz and 26.5-40GHz Mixers and cables

**Includes 18-26.5GHz and 26.5-40GHz Mixers and cables. The Microtel 1295 receiver is a completely self contained instrument for precise manual or computer controlled measurement of relative signal levels. Primary applications are measurement of output attenuators of signal generators up to -110 dB as well as other fixed and variable devices whose insertion loss must be known accurately up to 100 dB. The receiver can be manually tuned near the frequency of the signal source whereupon the electromechanical AFC will takeover and complete the tuning cycle. Also the unique AFC eliminates the retuning normally associated with the connect-disconnect cycle of many attenuation measurements. Alternately, with an IEEE-488 bus controller, programming sets the receiver slightly higher than the desired frequency and tunes downward until frequency lock is attained. Option: External Mixer 18-26.5 Ghz Option: External Mixer 26.5-40 Ghz


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