Ando AQ6317C

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Ando (now Yokogawa) AQ6317C Optical Spectrum Analyzer


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  Ando AQ6317C Specs (220.1 KB)
Form Factor  Benchtop  
Instrument Type   
Low end wavelength limit  600 nm  
High end wavelength limit  1700 nm  
Wavelength Resolution  15.0 pm 
Wavelength Accuracy  0.02 nm  
Dynamic Range  70 dB (1523 nm, peak: ±0.4 nm, resolution: 0.01 nm)  
Status Discontinued
The AQ6317C Optical Spectrum Analyzer more than meets the latest needs, with its new waveform analysis function, S-, C- and L-band coverage, superior wavelength accuracy throughout the measurement range, faster measurement speeds in high-sensitivity mode and capability to improve manufacturing throughput. Achieves high wavelength accuracy of ±0.1 nm for the entire range from 600 to 1750 nm, and to ±0.02 to ±0.04 nm at 1450 to 1620 nm (S-, C- and L-band). Achieves wavelength resolution of 0.015 nm or less, enabling analysis of WDM signals at 25 GHz spacing. Analysis functions for WDM and other optical devices such as LD, LED and FBG. In conjunction with the AQ4321A/4321D Tunable Laser Source, much higher wavelength resolution/wide dynamic range can be achieved by high-speed synchronous sweep at a maximum of 10 nm/second. High sensitivity allows measurement of light at down to –90 dBm, covering from 1200 to 1600 nm. With possible measurement of up to +20 dBm per one resolution, WDM optical amplifiers and high-powered laser diodes can be measured directly. Twice the measurement speed of conventional spectrum analyzers in high-sensitivity mode The dynamic range is 70dB or more at peak ±0.4 nm and 60 dB at peak ±0.2 nm for optimal 50 GHz spacing WDM signal analysis performance. Polarization dependency reduced to ±0.05 dB, for accurate optical amplifier gain and other critical measurements. Accurate within ±0.3 dB. Pulsed light measurement function Three individual trace memories


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