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Agilent HP  Programmable Pulse GeneratorProduct Specs:The microprocessor based 8160A features a period range variable from 20 nS to 999 mS. Delay range can be set from 0.0 nS to 999 mS. Double pulse range is adjustable from 20.0 nS to 999 mS Pulse width can be varied between 10.0 nS to 999 mS. High and low output voltage ranges vary between -19.9 to 19.9 V depending on the source and load conditionsOther Info:The HP 8160A is a top quality programmable MATE-Approved Stimuli pulse generator. With a repetition rate of up to 50MHz and a 20 V output, the 8160A will meet all but the most demanding requirements. The HP 8160A is fully operable from the front-panel or via the HP-IB interface bus and can store up to 9 setups.



(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Status Discontinued
Alternative 8110A Pulse Pattern Generator, 150 MHz

The 8160A is a programmable pulse generator with applications as a bench instrument or part of an automatic test system. It is available with one (standard) or two (option 020) independent channels and can be rack-mounted with input/output connectors on the rear panel if required.

All parameters are indicated by an alphanumeric display above the keyboard. This eliminates both the need for an oscilloscope to monitor the output and the associated problem of misreading a parameter. All front panel controls are pushbuttons, thus outputs can be very easily and quickly set up.

All operations with the 8160A are microprocessor-controlled. This further simplifies operation whether performed from the front panel controls or programmed over the HP-IB. The microprocessor also enables sophisticated error detection routines to detect and display any incompatible pulse settings.

  • Period: 20.0 ns to 999 ms
  • Width: 10.0 ns to 999 ms
  • Delay: 0.00 ns to 999 ms
  • Double pulse: 20 ns to 999 ms
  • Output frequency (with output amplifier in use): 1 Hz to 50 MHz
  • Output high level range: -9.89 V to 9.99 V
  • Output low level range: -9.99 V to 9.89 V
  • Amplitude: 0.10 V minimum, 9.99 V maximum
  • Accuracy: 1% of programmed value ±50 mV ±1% of amplitude
  • Settling time: 40 ns to specified accuracy
  • Transition times: 06.0 ns to 9.99 ms
  • Operating modes:
    • NORM: Continuous pulse stream
    • GATE: External signal enables rate generator. First output pulse sync with leading edge. Last pulse always complete
    • TRIG: Each input cycle generates a single output pulse
    • BURST: Each input cycle generates a programmable number (0 to 9999) of pulses - Minimum time between burst is one period
    • MAN: Simulates external signal with EXT INPUT switched OFF
    • SINGLE PULSE: Provides a single pulse independent of input and period settings
  • External input:
    • Trigger level: +10 to -10 V
    • Maximum input: ±12 V in 50 Ω, ±20 V in 10 kΩ
    • Minimum amplitude: 500 mVpp
    • Slope: positive or negative
    • Minimum pulse width: 3 ns
    • Typical input resisitance: 50 Ω or (also in OFF) 10 kΩ
    • Delay from trigger input to trigger output: 90 ns ±10 ns
  • Trigger output
    • Output amplitude: ≥2.5 V into 50 Ω,  ≥5 V into open circuit
    • Typical source resistance: 50 Ω
    • Typical pulse width: 8 ns (PER < 100 ns), 40 ns (100 ns < PER < 1 µs), 400 ns (PER ≥ 1 µs) 
  • HP-IB interface


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