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The HP 8341A synthesized sweeper delivers the combined high-performance of a synthesizer and a broadband sweep oscillator in one instrument that is completely controllable via the HP-IB. This efficient combination of performance and versatility is ideal for manual or automatic test systems and in many cases lets the 8341A replace a sweep oscillator, a frequency counter, an RF synthesizer, and a microwave synthesizer. The synthesized broadband frequency coverage of 10 MHz to 20 GHz, and the precise 1 Hz to 4 Hz frequency resolution are generated by indirect synthesis techniques, enabling the 8341A to achieve low single-sideband phase-noise performance. The 8341A also features CW switching times of better than 50 ms (typically <35 ms). In addition, a "Fast Phase-lock" programming command can be used to reduce typical CW switching times to between 11 and 22 ms.

Analog sweep widths as narrow as 100 Hz or as broad as the full frequency range of the 8341A permit rapid and thorough testing of any device within their broad frequency ranges. Five frequency markers are provided, along with useful marker functions such as marker sweep, marker to center frequency, and marker difference.

The high performance pulse modulators of the 8341A Option 006 offer >80 dB ON/OFF ratio and <25 ns rise and fall times. Pulse amplitudes are leveled for pulse widths as narrow as 100 ns. The 8341A also features dc-coupled AM modulation with a 3 dB bandwidth of 100 kHz and a minimum depth of 90%. Pulse and amplitude modulation can be used simultaneously to simulate antenna scan patterns.

The 8341A provides high output power, which can be controlled down to -110 dBm with Option 004.

Besides being an excellent stand-alone general purpose source, the 8341A is also an ideal source for precision microwave network analysis.

  • CW mode frequency range: 10 MHz to 20 GHz
  • CW mode frequency resolution
    • 0.01 to <7.0 GHz: 1 Hz
    • 7.0 to <13.5 GHz: 2 Hz
    • 13.5 to 20.0 GHz: 3 Hz
  • Swept mode frequency range
    • Center frequency: 10.00005 MHz to 19.99999995 GHz
    • Sweep width: 100 Hz to 19.99 GHz
    • Resolution: ~0.1% of sweep width
  • Start/stop frequency range
    • Start: 10 MHz to 19.9999999 GHz
    • Stop: 10.0001 MHz to 20.0 GHz
    • Resolution: ~0.1% of sweep width
  • Frequency markers: All 5 markers are independently variable, with the same specifications
    • Range: 10 MHz to 20.0 GHz
    • Resolution: ~0.1% of sweep width
  • Harmonics: <-35 dBc
  • Subharmonics and multiples thereof of output frequency: <-25 dBc
  • Non-harmonically related spurious: (CW and Manual Sweep mode only):
    • 0.01 to <2.3 GHz: <-50 dBc
    • 2.3 to <7.0 GHz: <-70 dBc
    • 7.0 to <13.5 GHz: <-64 dBc
    • 13.5 to 20.0 GHz: <-60 dBc
  • Maximum leveled power: +10 dBm
  • Minimum settable power: -20 dBm
  • Output impedance: 50 Ω nominal
  • Output power resolution
    • Entry display: 0.05 dB
    • Power dBm display: 0.1 dB
  • Power sweep range
    • Displayed: 0 to 40 dB/sweep
    • Actual: At least 10 dB at any given frequency
    • Resolution: 0.05 dB/sweep
  • Slope compensation
    • Calibrated range: 0 to 0.4 dB/GHz
    • Resolution: 0.001 dB/GHz
  • External leveling
    • XTAL lets the 8341A be externally leveled by crystal detectors of positive or negative polarity
    • METER supports power meter leveling with any HP power meter
    • Range: 500 µV (-66 dBV) to 2 V (+6 dBV) for XTAL or METER modes
    • Loop bandwidth: Nominally 30 kHz in XTAL mode, 0.7 in METER mode
    • Input impedance: 1 MΩ nominal
  • Pulse modulation (Option 006) - applies only to CW frequencies
    • ON/OFF ratio: >80 dB
    • Rise and fall times: ≤25 ns
    • Minimum internally leveled RF pulse width: ≤100 ns
    • Minimum unleveled RF pulse width: typically <25 ns
    • Pulse repetition frequency is 100 Hz to 5 MHz when internally leveled and typically dc to 20 MHz in non-leveled operation
    • Overshoot, ringing: <15% typically
    • Pulse width compression: ±5 ns typical
    • Delay time: 50 ns typical
    • Sidebands caused by a pulse input with PULSE is OFF: Typically <-50 dBc with a 30 kHz squarewave input from .01 to 7.0 GHz
    • Pulse input: TTL compatible
  • Amplitude modulation - applies when the 8341A is internally leveled, for waveforms whose envelope peak is at least 1 dB below maximum specified power
    • AM depth: 0 - 90%
    • AM sensitivity: 100%/V
    • AM bandwidth: dc coupled, 3 dB point >100 kHz
    • AM frequency response relative to a 1 kHz rate at 30% depth: ±0.2 dB, dc to 10 kHz
    • AM input impedance: 600 Ω nominal
  • HP-IB electrical capabilities: SH1, AH1, T6, TE0, L4, LE0, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0, C1, C2, C3, C28, E1


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