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Agilent 5314A:

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HP 5314A 100 MHz Universal Counter. Measure freq, period, ratio, $120
Keysight Technologies , Agilent , HP , H 5314A, Opt. 001 100 MHz , UNI Call
Hewlett Packard 5314A UNIV COUNTER $250
Agilent / HP The Agilent 5314A universal counter combines excellent p Call

Agilent 5314A (Basic Universal Counters) Main Features and Specifications

Agilent 5314A

Min. Freq.  -- 
Max. Freq.  100.0 MHz 
Freq. Resolution [Digits]  --  
Measurements  Frequency, Period, Ratio, Count totalization, Time interval  
Status Discontinued
Supported until Aug-2004
Alternative 53131A
The Agilent 5314A universal counter combines excellent performance and traditional quality with an attractive price. The general-purpose counter delivers high-quality measurements for applications in production test, frequency monitoring, telecommunications maintenance, education, training, and service. Functionality includes frequency, period, time interval, ratio, and totalize measurements. A battery option makes the 5314A especially suited to field and portable applications. Features: 100 MHz frequency range 100 ns time interval resolution Reliable measurement of a variety of signals Easy-to-use front panel display, control buttons, and functions Optional high-performance time base and internal battery