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ADVANTEST Q8347 350 to 1750 nmOptical Spectrum Analyzer - Calibration $625
Advantest Q8347 Call
Q8347 - Advantest Optical Spectrum Analyzers Call
Advantest The Q8347 exhibits its full capabilities in evaluation of W Call
Advantest Q8347 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Call

Advantest Q8347 (Optical Spectrum Analyzers for WDM) Main Features and Specifications

Advantest Q8347

  Advantest Q8347 Specs (390.1 KB)
Form Factor  Benchtop  
Instrument Type  Michelson interferometer  
Low end wavelength limit  350 nm  
High end wavelength limit  1750 nm  
Wavelength Resolution  10.0 pm 
Wavelength Accuracy  0.01 nm  
Dynamic Range  35 dB or more (Value between peak and average display noise level)  
Status Discontinued
The Q8347 exhibits its full capabilities in evaluation of WDM (Wavelength division multiplex) transmission systems, ultra high-speed optical transmission systems and narrow-band optical filters, extending applications for the coming information society. Although higher resolution can be obtained with optical spectrum analyzers using a Fabry-Perot interferometer, they had problems such as narrow measuring spans and low wavelength accuracy. Designed based on improvements on existing spectrum analyzers employing a Fourier spectrum system with a Michelson interferometer, the Q8347 optical spectrum analyzer has attained high wavelength resolution and measurement accuracy.