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BK-4010A B&K Precision 4010A Function Generator, 2 MHz $247
BK Precision 4010A 2MHz Generator w/Analog Freq Dial $269
BK PRECISION 4010A 2 MHz Function Generator $269
4010A - BK Precision Function Generators Call
BK Precision 4010A 2 MHz Function Generator $275

BK Precision 4010A (4000 Family) Main Features and Specifications

BK Precision 4010A

Frequency Range Min.  200.0 mHz 
Frequency Range Max.  2.0 MHz 
Freq. Resolution  -- 
Waveform Outputs  Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, TTL, CMOS  
Modulation  --  
Status -
See also 4011A
BK Precision
  • 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse & Ramp output
  • Variable duty cycle
  • Variable DC offset
  • Variable amplitude output plus 20dB attenuator
  • 20Vpp output into open circuit (10Vpp into 50 Ohms)