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Aeroflex FS5000B-13:

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Aeroflex FS5000B-18-501-502-905 $14995
FS5000B-18 - Aeroflex Signal Generators Call
Aeroflex FS5000B-13 The FS5000 frequency synthesizer is a member of a Call
Aeroflex / Comstron FS5000B 4.8 - 20 GHz Frequency Synthesizer w/ Opts $10000
FS5000B-F - Aeroflex Signal Generators Call

Aeroflex FS5000B-13 (FS5000 Family) Main Features and Specifications

Aeroflex FS5000B-13

  Aeroflex FS5000B-13 Specs (222.7 KB)
Frequency Range Min.  300.0 MHz 
Frequency Range Max.  13.50 GHz 
Modulation  AM, FM, Pulse  
Output Power  --  
Freq. Resolution  500.0 kHz 
Status -
See also FS5000B-18 , FS5000B-20 , FS5000B-26.5 , FS5000B-F , FS5000B-X

The FS5000 frequency synthesizer is a member of a family of more than thirty models supporting hundreds of fast switching, high spectral purity applications that require the most demanding reliability and performance.

The Synthesizer is a broadband source, operating over the range of 300 MHz to 26.5 GHz with a standard resolution of 1.0MHz. The FS5000 can step from any frequency (F1), to any other frequency (F2), up or down, in less than 200nsec. Output amplitude is +10dBm +2 dB into an impedance of 50 Ohms. The FS5000B is housed in a full-rack chassis. The FS5000B has a front panel keyboard for manual control, GPIB and parallel BCD interface for remote programming.

  • Wide frequency coverage from a single unit
  • Sub-microsecond switching over the entire frequency range (200nsec)
  • Amplitude Leveling
  • Hop rate faster than 1 megahop/sec
  • Wide variety of standard and custom interface options
  • High performance modulations: FM Chirp, Pulse, AM, FM
  • High spectral purity
  • Vibration tolerant: proven in airborne applications
  • Locks to standard 10MHz
  • Supported by a national and international sales and service network