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The 312B is a Clamp Meter from BK Precision. A clamp-on ammeter, or $87
BK-312B B&K Precision 312B Mini AC Milli Amp Clamp Meter: 600A, 600VAC $85
BK Precision 312B Mini AC Clamp Meter Call
312B - BK Precision Clamp Meters Call
B&K Precision 312B Current Clamp Meter 600A, 100mA, 4 Digit LCD displa Call

BK Precision 312B (Mini AC Milli Amp Clamp Meters) Main Features and Specifications

BK Precision 312B

  BK Precision 312B Specs (52.7 KB)
Max. ACA Range  600.0 A 
Max. ACV Range  600 V 
Jaw Opening  1.06 inch  
Measurements  Continuity, ACV, Resistance, Frequency, ACA  
Status -
See also 313A
BK Precision

BK Precision offers a wide variety of current clamp meters for safe non-invasive current measurement.  The new line of mini clamp meters are practical where a traditional sized meter may be too cumbersome to use.  Both models 312B and 313A feature autoranging capabilities and are ideal for use in cramped quarters.  The BK Precision mini clamps are more than just current clamps - they also offer the ability to measure voltage and resistance.  Both the 312B and 313A meet CE requirements and come with a one year warranty.

  • Display hold
  • 4 Digit LCD display
  • 0.98" Clamp opening
  • Overload protection
  • 600A AC range
  • Measures current between 5% to 100% full scale
  • Measures AC Volts to 600V
  • Measures resistance to 200 ohms
  • One year warranty