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The 773 is a 30 Volts, 0.1 Amps Clamp Meter from Fluke. A $1299
Fluke 773 Milliamp Clamp Meter $3300 Product Highlights Overview Call
Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter Call

Fluke 773 (Milliamp Process Clamp Meters) Main Features and Specifications

Fluke 773

Max. ACA Range  100.0 mA 
Max. ACV Range 
Jaw Opening  0.177 inch(4.5 mm) diameter of measurable conductor  
Measurements  DCV, ACA  
Status -
Launch Date Jun-2009
See also 771 , 772

The hand-held, battery-operated Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter can be used in troubleshooting transmitters, valves, PLC, and DCS I/O. Unlike conventional clamp meters, the meter features a remote jaw that is connected to the main body via extension cable.

  • Best in class 0.2 % accuracy
  • 0.01 mA resolution and sensitivity
  • Measure 4 to 20 mA signals without ”breaking the loop”
  • Measure mA signals for PLC and control system analog I/O
  • Dual backlit display with both mA measurement and percent of 4 to 20 mA span
  • Measurement spotlight illuminates hard to see wires in dark enclosures
  • Detachable clamp with extension cable for measurements in tight locations
  • Measure 10 to 50 mA signals in older control systems using the 99.9 mA range
  • Automatically change the 4 to 20 mA output for remote testing
  • Power saving features, auto-off, backlight timeout extend battery life
  • Hold function captures and displays changing measurements
  • Measure 4 to 20 mA signals with in-circuit measurement
  • Simultaneous mA in-circuit measurement with 24V loop power for powering and testing transmitters
  • Source 4 to 20 mA signals for testing control system I/O or I/Ps
  • mA output linear ramp or 25% step output
  • Automatically change the 4 to 20 mA output for remote testing
  • DC voltage measurement to verify 24V power supplies or voltage I/O signals
  • Source DC voltage to test input devices that accept a 1-5V or 0 to 10V signals
  • Scaled mA output provides a continuous mA signal that corresponds to the 4 to 20 mA signal measured by the mA clamp
    • Enables milliamp signal logging to a separate logging device without breaking the loop
    • Output mA signal enables a logging DMM or other device to record the 4- to 20 mA signal without breaking the loop 
  • mA in/out: simultaneously measure the mA signal with the clamp and source a mA signal - Apply a mA input signal to a device and measure its 4-20 mA output on devices such as valves or mA isolators
  • Voltage output linear ramp or 25% step output - Automatically change the voltage output for remote testing