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Tektronix 466 - 100 MHz Analog Storage, Dual Trace Delayed Sweep Os $480
Tektronix 466 Tektronix 466 Oscilloscope 2 Ch, 100 MHz, Portable St Call
Tektronix 466 - 100 MHz Analog Storage, Dual Trace Delayed Sweep Os $580
TEKTRONIX 466 2 Ch 100 MHz Oscilloscope - Calibration only $125

Tektronix 466 (Portable Storage Oscilloscopes) Main Features and Specifications

Tektronix 466

  Tektronix 466 Specs (315.1 KB)
Bandwidth  100 MHz 
Channels  2  
Vertical Sensitivity
Low Range [mV/div] 
Vertical Sensitivity
High Range [V/div] 
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date Nov-2000

The 466 Portable Storage Oscilloscope is designed to display nonrepetitive or slow moving signals. Operating in a reduced scan mode, the stored writing speed is 3000 div/microsecond (1350 cm/microsecond). This instrument features two modes of storage - variable persistence and fast transfer.

The bright 8 x 10 div CRT has 0.90 cm divisions. A reduced scan 8 x 10 div graticule is sumpermposed over the center of the main graticule, with 0.45 cm divisions. The graticule is etched onto the inner face of the CRT to eliminate parallax problems.

A third channel trigger view allows the simultaneous display of channels 1 and 2 with the external A trigger.

Lightweight plus the ability to use optional external dc power makes the 466 sufficiently portable for virutally all field measurement applications.