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Agilent / HP DSO6012A The new 100 MHz addition to the Agilent popular Call
Keysight (formerly Agilent) DSO6012A Agilent DSO612A 100 MHz 2 Channel $6192
HP-DSO6012A Agilent/HP DSO6012A 6000 Series Oscilloscope: 100 MHz, 2 c Call
AGILENT DSO6012A 2 Ch 100 MHz InfiniiVision Oscilloscope - Calibration $125
Agilent HP DSO6012A Call

Agilent DSO6012A (6000 Series) Main Features and Specifications

Agilent DSO6012A

  Agilent DSO6012A Specs (1.12 MB)
Bandwidth  100.0 MHz 
Channels  2  
Sample Rate  2.00 GSa/sec 
Memory Depth  8 Mpts  
Status -
Launch Date Sep-2005
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The new 100 MHz addition to the Agilent popular 6000 Series oscilloscopes are equipped with the utmost in viewing, triggering, and measuring capabilities.


  • MegaZoom III technology provides industry-leading performance with the:
    • Most responsive deep memory
    • Highest definition color display
    • Fastest waveform update rates, uncompromised
  • Powerful triggering including analog HDTV, I2C, SPI, LIN, CAN and USB
  • More connectivity choices - LAN, USB, GPIB and XGA video are all included standard
  • Options:
    • I2C amd SPI serial data decode
    • CAN/LIN automotive triggering and decode
    • FPGA dynamic probe
    • SEC secure environment mode
    • Battery powered BAT option