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Xantrex XHR Series - 1kW:

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Xantrex XHR 60-18 DC Power Supply, 18 Amps. 60 V. (Used) $1200
Xantrex XHR 600-2 Call
Xantrex XHR Series - 1kW The XHR provides 1000 watts of programmable Call
Xantrex XHR 60-18Buy, Rent, or Lease Single Output, 60V, 18A, $995
Xantrex XHR 40-25Repair and Calibration Information Single Ou Call

Xantrex XHR Series - 1kW (XHR Series) Main Features and Specifications

Xantrex XHR Series - 1kW

Number of
Max. Voltage  600.0 V 
Max. Current  130.00 A 
Ripple and Noise  7.5 mVrms  
Computer Interface  GPIB, RS-232  
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The XHR provides 1000 watts of programmable DC power in a compact half-rack package. It is available in eighteen 1 kW models. Its unique features and size make the XHR ideal for OEM applications where high power and wide adjustment of output voltage or current is required, and a compact half-rack configuration is advantageous.

The XHR Series includes the following models:

  • XHR 100-10
  • XHR 150-7
  • XHR 20-50
  • XHR 300-3.5
  • XHR 33-33
  • XHR 40-25
  • XHR 600-1.7
  • XHR 60-18
  • XHR 7.5-150 

The XHR is stackable with a small foot print, front panel binding post connectors and a low current requirement that allows it to be plugged into a standard 120 VAC, 15 A circuit. State-of-the-art zero voltage or "soft" switching technology virtually eliminates switching transients for high efficiency, low noise and high reliability. The XHR is also power-factor-corrected for low current draw (only 11 A at 120 VAC for 1000 watts) and reduced generation of input current harmonics.

The half-rack XHR is ideal as a companion for another half-rack instrument in a test system equipment console, eliminating the need for a blank panel while preserving vertical rack space. With a choice of rear and/or front panel connectors, the XHR offers added system flexibility.

  • 85-250 VAC universal input
  • Standby mode
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation with automatic crossover and mode indication
  • Analog programming
  • LabView® and LabWindows® drivers
  • CE, CSA, UL approvals