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Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8592B PORTABLE SPECTRUM ANALYZER 9 KHz to $9975
Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8592B-021 PORTABLE SPECTRUM ANALYZER 22GHZ $9975
Agilent 8592B Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 22GHz with opt. 21 $3750
Agilent 8592B Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz to 22GHz $3500
AGILENT 8592B 22 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - Calibration only $325

Agilent 8592B (8590 Series) Main Features and Specifications

Low end frequency limit  9.00 kHz 
High end frequency limit  22.00 GHz 
Resolution Bandwidth Min.  1 kHz 
Resolution Bandwidth Max.  3.00 MHz 
Amplitude Range  -114 dBm to +30 dBm  
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date Aug-1992
Supported until Jul-1998
See also 8590B

The 8590B and 8592B Spectrum Analyzers are small, lightweight test instruments that combine a wide frequency range and amplitude range with over 150 easy-to-use functions to handle most RF or microwave signal measurements. In addition, they have synthesizer frequency accuracy and stability along with a built-in marker counter.

Portability and highly automatic operation make the 8590B or 8592B ideal for service and troubleshooting use in R & D labs, and in manufacturing and service environments in CATV, mobile radio, and related communications businesses.

Both the 8590B and the 8592B are complete, self-contained instruments. An ac power cable, suitable for use in the country to which the analyzer is originally shipped, is included with the unit.