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Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8592B PORTABLE SPECTRUM ANALYZER 9 KHz to $9975
Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8592B-021 PORTABLE SPECTRUM ANALYZER 22GHZ $9975
AGILENT 8592B 22 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer - Calibration only $325
AGILENT HP 8592B with opt. 021 SPECTRUM ANALYZER, 9kHz - 22 GHz Call
Agilent HP 8592B Call

Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 8592B (8590 Series) Main Features and Specifications

Low end frequency limit  9.00 kHz 
High end frequency limit  22.00 GHz 
Resolution Bandwidth Min.  1 kHz 
Resolution Bandwidth Max.  3.00 MHz 
Amplitude Range  -114 dBm to +30 dBm  
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date Aug-1992
Supported until Jul-1998
See also 8590B
Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies)

The 8590B and 8592B Spectrum Analyzers are small, lightweight test instruments that combine a wide frequency range and amplitude range with over 150 easy-to-use functions to handle most RF or microwave signal measurements. In addition, they have synthesizer frequency accuracy and stability along with a built-in marker counter.

Portability and highly automatic operation make the 8590B or 8592B ideal for service and troubleshooting use in R & D labs, and in manufacturing and service environments in CATV, mobile radio, and related communications businesses.

Both the 8590B and the 8592B are complete, self-contained instruments. An ac power cable, suitable for use in the country to which the analyzer is originally shipped, is included with the unit.