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Agilent 8763A Coaxial Switch Opt T24 UK6 DC - 4 GHz $24
HP/AGILENT 8763A-011 DPDT Transfer Switch, terminated, DC-4 GHz, 5V, S $225
HP/AGILENT 8763A-024 DPDT Transfer Switch, terminated, DC-4 GHz, 24V, $225
Agilent 8763A Rent - CALL US: 4-Port Coaxial Switch, DC to 4 GHz, one Call
Hewlett Packard 8763A Coaxial Switch DC - 4 GHz DC 24V $24

Agilent 8763A Main Features and Specifications

Agilent 8763A

  Agilent 8763A Specs (272.3 KB)
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See also 8763B , 8763C

The 8763A, 8763B, and 8763C have 4 RF ports with one internal 50 Ω termination designed for applications requiring a transfer switch or a cross switching element. The 8763A offers excellent electrical and mechanical performance with broadband operation, high isolation, low SWR, long life, and exceptional repeatability.

  • Multiport coaxial switch with four RF ports, one with 50-ohm termination
  • Frequency: DC to 4 GHz
  • Superior RF performance
    • Insertion loss: <0.20 dB to 2 GHz, <0.25 dB to 4 GHz
    • SWR (through line): <1.1 to 2 GHz, <1.2 to 4 GHz
    • Isolation: >100 dB to 4 GHz
  • Excellent RF repeatability & long life span
    • High repeatability: <0.03 dB typical
    • Guaranteed performance up to 1 million cycles
  • Speed 30 ms
  • Average power: 1 W
  • Peak power: 100 W
  • Driving voltage: 5, 15, 24 Vdc 
  • Current interrupts and position indication capability
  • Optional TTL/5V CMOS
  • Connector: SMA (f)