Aeroflex CS25020F-RF-R (Celerity CS25000F BSG Series) Main Features and Specifications

Aeroflex CS25020F-RF-R

Frequency Range Min.  2.0 MHz 
Frequency Range Max.  18.00 GHz 
Modulation  AM, FM, Pulse, Phase, FSK, I/Q, ASK, MSK, PSK, QAM  
Output Power  --  
Freq. Resolution  1.0 Hz 
Status -
See also CS25020F-RF , CS25020F , CS25020F-R

CS25020F-RF-R: 42 MHz bandwith, 58 dB SFDR typical.

The Aeroflex Broadband Signal and Environment Generator (BSG) family provides the widest bandwidth and deepest memory RF/baseband signal sources available today. The BSG combines a very deep memory, very high-speed arbitrary waveform generator and a broadband RF up converter with powerful signal generation software.

The BSGs have bandwidths of up to 500 MHz and full bandwidth signal memory of up to 88 seconds into solid-state memory or 150 minutes from streaming RAID. The bandwidth, memory depth and dynamic range make the BSG a powerful tool for broadband satellite communications, frequency agile radio communications, broadband wireless network communications, and radar test. An open, software defined instrument architecture allows easy imports of user created waveforms. Vector Signal Simulator software (VSS) creates signal files for commercial wireless standards as well as generic nPSK, nQAM, nFSK, MSK, CW, tone combs, and notched noise signals. Any of these generic signal types can be gated or bursted in time, as well as hopped in frequency.

Real signals, including recorded signals from the Aeroflex Broadband Signal Analyzers or other recorder sources, can be imported and combined with digitally generated signals, and then played back on the BSG. Impairments can be added to the signals including thermal noise, phase noise, and passband amplitude and phase distortion. VSS provides the unique ability to mix any combination of signals and impairments to generate complex signal environments. The Aeroflex Vector Signal Player software (VSP) provides simple controls for signal file selection, output frequency control and output power control. The Aeroflex up-converters use real (non-I/Q) conversion architectures, generating high dynamic range waveforms without the carrier leakage and signal image problems associated with I/Q modulators found in traditional signal sources.

  • Generate communications and radar signals with instantaneous bandwidths up to 500 MHz and hop rates to 500,000 hops per second
  • Create continuous, burst and hopped signals (FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, ASK, OOK, AM, FM, PM, SSB) and radio and SATCOM specific waveforms with powerful VSS software
  • Maximize signal and environment realism with up to 88 seconds of full bandwidth signal memory (150 minutes with optional RAID configuration)
  • Extended playback times using digital up conversion with tuning
  • Control all time, frequency and modulation signal parameters
  • Combine real world signal and environment recordings with digitally generated impairments
  • Emulate Golden Radios using real radio recordings captured with Celerity CS35000F Series Broadband Signal Analyzers and Recorders
  • Add digitally precise signal impairments including thermal noise, phase noise, passband amplitude and phase distortion, CW and co-channel interference, and multipath distortion

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