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Agilent DSO91204A:

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Agilent / HP DSO91204A Infiniium DSO90000A Series addresses customer Call
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Agilent DSO91204A Infiniium Oscilloscope - 12 GHz 40 GSa/s 4 Ch Call

Agilent DSO91204A (DSO 90000A Infiniium Series) Main Features and Specifications

Agilent DSO91204A

Bandwidth  12.0 GHz 
Channels  4  
Sample Rate  40.00 GSa/sec 
Memory Depth  10 Mpts to 1 Gpts on each channel  
Status -
Launch Date Feb-2008
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Infiniium DSO90000A Series addresses customer development workflow: debug, analysis, and compliance with the highest signal integrity in the industry.

Superior Signal Integrity: Infiniium 90000A provides better measurement stability and repeatability with the Industry’s lowest noise floor.

Deep Application Analysis: With the ultra responsive 1Gpts deep memory and powerful hardware-software triggering combination, you can isolate even the most complicated signal to decrease debugging and analysis time.
Infiniium DSA90000A Series provides “Better Insight” into your designs!

Infiniium DSO90000A series addresses customer development workflow: debug, analysis, and compliance with the highest signal integrity in the industry.

Infiniium 90000A continues to provide the industry leading lowest noise floor with measurement stability and repeatability. Ultra responsive 1 Gpts deep memory and industry’s only 3-step hardware and software integrated trigger solution “InfiniiScan Plus” provides next generation debugging and analysis solution. Infiniium DSO90000A provides a complete view of your design.

  • Lowest noise floor: 2.48 mVrms at 100mV/div
  • Up to 1 Gpts per channel ultra-responsive deep memory
  • 12 GHz bandwidth and 40 GSa/s sampling rate on each of 4 analog channels
  • Industry’s only 3-level trigger sequencing featuring the InfiniiScan software trigger
  • Fastest off-load speed (remote)
  • More than 29 software applications
  • Front-panel 12.1-inch XGA display