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SB5310 (701561) - Yokogawa Serial Data Analyzers Call
Yokogawa SB5310 (701561) The SB5000 Vehicle Serial Bus Analyzer is an Call
Yokogawa SB5310 Originally marketed as vehicle serial bus analyzer but Call

Yokogawa SB5310 (701561) (SB5000 Series) Main Features and Specifications

Yokogawa SB5310 (701561)

  Yokogawa SB5310 (701561) Specs (207.7 KB)
Status -
Launch Date Dec-2007
See also SB5710 (701361)

The SB5000 Vehicle Serial Bus Analyzer is an invaluable tool for engineers involved in the development and use of in-vehicle communication buses. It can analyze FlexRay, an emerging bus technology employed by advanced ECUs and electronic vehicle control applications. Because it can measure logic signals of up to 32 bits simultaneously, a single SB5000 offers measurement and analysis of parallel bus signals from microprocessors and other sources.

  • FlexRay, CAN, LIN, UART, I²C, and SPI bus triggers and analysis
  • FlexRay eye-diagram analysis 
  • Characterizes electrical characteristics parameters of the FlexRay bus driver
  • CAN bus symbolic triggering, analysis, decoding, and trend display 
  • 4 ch analog + 8-bit logic (SB5310)
  • 4 ch analog + 32-bit logic (SB5710) 
  • Up to 5 GS/s, 1 GHz bandwidth, 6.25 MW (Mpts) memory 
  • Auto Setup Dedicated to Serial Busses
  • Logic Signal (Parallel Bus) Measurement and Analysis
  • History Replay
  • Versatile Connectivity