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Hipotronics HD140 The 100 Series AC/ DC Hipots are accurate, durable Call
Hipotronics HD140 Refurbished 0-15.5kVac/0-40kVdc Hipot Insulation Tes Call
Hipotronics HD140-A AC-DC Hipot 0-40KV Call
Hipotronics HD140 AC/DC Hipot Tester 15.5kVAC/40kVDC Call

Hipotronics HD140 (100 Series) Main Features and Specifications

Hipotronics HD140

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Max. Output AC Voltage  15.500 kV 
Output AC Current  5.0 mA 
Max. Output DC Voltage  40.0 kV 
Output DC Current  5.0 mA 
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The 100 Series AC/ DC Hipots are accurate, durable instruments designed to perform hipot tests on all types of electrical products, systems, and components. They are designed to perform AC and DC dielectric tests.

  • Recessed, Locking High Voltage Connection
  • Interlock Provision
  • Over Current Protection with Manual Reset
  • Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Zero Start Interlock
  • Gravity Operated Solenoid
  • Output Connected Voltmeter
  • Two Tests in One Unit
  • Meets Industry Speciications - Tests to most UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, MIL, BSI, BABT and other industry standards for Dielectric Withstand
  • 19" rack
  • NIST Traceability