Tektronix TLA715

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Tektronix TLA715 Logic Analyzer, mainframe

Tektronix TLA715


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Tektronix TLA715 Specs (196.8 KB)
Instrument Type  Mainframe  
Max. Channels Number  2 k 
Max. State Speed  -- 
Max. Timing Speed  -- 
Memory Depth  --  
Options  Holds 4 single-wide or 2 double -wide modules  
Status Discontinued
Alternative TLA7000 Series Mainframes
Modular Mainframes Provide Flexibility and Expandability Utilize Logic Analyzer or Pattern Generator Modules Expansion Mainframe Supports Up to 8160 Logic Analyzer Channels, 60 Independent Buses All Measurement Modules are Fully Interchangeable Between Portable and Benchtop Mainframes Integrated View (iView™) Capability Provides up to 6 GHz, 20 GS/s, and 32 Mb Analog Acquisition with a Stand-alone Tektronix TDS Digital Storage Oscilloscope Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional PC Platform Provides Familiar User Interface With Network Connectivity View Data in Waveform, Listing, Source Code, Histogram (Performance Analysis) Displays to Perform Cross-domain Analysis Remote Control Using Microsoft® COM/DCOM Technology Supports Advanced Data Analysis Broad Processor and Bus Support TLAVu and PatGenVu Off-line Analysis Capability for Viewing Data and Creating Setups on a Separate PC The TLA715 and TLA721 mainframes are card modular mainframes that accept TLA7Axx and TLA7Lx/Mx/Nx/Px/Qx logic analyzer modules.


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