Agilent 16902A

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Agilent 16902A

Logic Analyzer System Main Frame

In stock
Operation Sysstem:Windows XP , Module Slot:6
HDD:80GHz , System Memory:512M,
Display:Touch Scren:12.1inch,

Unleash the complementary
power of a logic analyzer and
an oscilloscope


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 16902A Specs (778.6 KB)
Instrument Type  Mainframe  
Max. Channels Number  510  
Max. State Speed  -- 
Max. Timing Speed  -- 
Memory Depth  --  
Options  --  
Status Discontinued
Launch Date Mar-2004
Supported until Dec-2013
The Agilent 16902A logic analysis system provides high-performance, system-level debugging of digital designs. Expandability is the key to the system´s long-term value. Customize this system for your specific needs with innovative probing, high-performance measurement modules, and post-processing analysis tools. A Wide Variety of Modules Offers Measurement Flexibility Customize this 6-slot logic analysis system for your specific measurement needs with Measurement Modules Features: Analyzer Control - Control the analyzer directly via the large 12.1 inch touch screen display. Front panel controls include shortcut keys for the most used displays and dedicated knobs for scrolling and scaling. Mouse and keyboard are also provided. Multiframe Pro - Debug the most complex, multiple bus systems using a logic analysis system comprised of multiple mainframes connected together with a single interface control. Multi-monitor Support - Maximize your data viewing with up to four external monitors at up to 1600 x 1200 resolution. Requires PCI video card. Multiple Data Views - Track problems from symptom to root cause across several measurement modes by viewing time-correlated data in waveform/chart, listing, source code, or compare displays. Windows® Desktop Sharing - Access the logic analyzer remotely with this built-in capability. Analysis API Tool - Create advanced data analysis tools, customized to your specific measurement need. Trigger In / Trigger Out - Correlate measurement results to other external instruments. Setup and Data Management - Store/retrieve setups and large data files to the internal CD-RW drive, internal 80 GB hard drive or over 10/100 BaseT LAN to networked drives. PCI Card Expansion Slots - Add Gbit LAN, multiple monitor video support or a host of other peripheral capabilities. Comes with two full-profile and one low-profile PCI card expansion slots. Additional Key features - modularity; full featured, intuitive operation; hosted performance mode; open PC platform; broad processor, FPGA, ASIC and bus support; connection to Infiniium oscilloscopes; wide range of use models; innovative probing


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