Keysight 16854A

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Keysight 16854A 136 Channel Portable Logic Analyzer

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(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Instrument Type  Benchtop portable  
Max. Channels Number  136  
Max. State Speed  700.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  5.0 GHz 
Memory Depth  Deep memory: Timing analysis: 128M / 256M (full / half channel); State analysis: 128M  
Options  Acquisition memory depth increases, various probes including connectorless, various cables  
Status -
Launch Date Sep-2013
See also 16851A, 16852A, 16853A

The 16850 Series portable logic analyzers provide the industry’s fastest timing capture with deep memory for fast digital debug.

  • Number of channels in the 16854A: 136 (1 clock + 3 clock qualifiers)
  • Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)
    • 2.5 GHz / 5 GHz (400 ps / 200 ps) deep conventional and transitional timing analysis (full / half channel)
    • Up to 128M / 256M deep memory (full / half channel)
    • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) Timing Zoom with 256 K memory
    • Minimum data pulse width (nom): 1 sample period + 200 ps
    • Maximum time between transitions (nom): 66 days
  • State analysis (synchronous sampling)
    • 350 MHz state clock / 700 Mbps data rate (standard)
    • 700 MHz state clock / 1400 Mbps data rate (optional)
    • Up to 128M deep memory
    • Reliable measurements on eye openings as small as 200 ps by 100 mV
    • Minimum data valid window (typ): 160 ps
    • Sample position adjustment resolution (typ): 20 ps
    • Minimum setup time (typ): 80 ps
    • Minimum hold time (typ): 80 ps
    • Minimum eye height (typ): 160 mV
    • Sample position adjustment range (typ): 7 ns
    • Minimum time between active clock edges - standard (typ): 1429 ps
    • Minimum time between active clock edges - Option 700 (typ): 714 ps
    • Maximum time between active clock edges (typ): 80 ns (single edge)
    • Clock qualifier setup time (typ): 200 ps
    • Clock qualifier hold time (typ): 200 ps
    • Time tag resolution (typ): 80 ps
    • Maximum time count between stored states (nom): 66 days
  • Triggering
    • Maximum trigger sequence speed (standard) (nom): 700 MHz (state), 1.4 GHz (timing)
    • Maximum trigger sequence speed (option 700) (nom): 1.4 GHz
    • Maximum trigger sequence levels (nom): 8
    • Trigger sequence level branching (nom): Arbitrary 4-way if/then/else
    • Trigger position (nom): Start, center, end or user-defined
  • Probing
    • Single-ended direct connect flying lead, Mictor and Soft Touch Pro
    • Compatible with U4201A cable plus any 90-pin header probes
  • Eye scan to set sample points and to view signal integrity
  • Integrate your scope and logic analyzer waveforms into a single display
  • Get instant insight into your design with mutliple views and analysis tools
  • Validate your DDR2 and DDR3 memory systems
  • Customize triggering with a powerful 1.4 GHz sequencer


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