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FLUKE 8000A MULTIMETER, 3.5 DIG., 0.1%


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The Fluke 8000A is a compact and light-weight digital multimeter. It features a 3½ digit display, push-button selection of range and function, auto polarity, self locating decimal point, self zeroing to eliminate offset uncertainties, and overload protection for all ranges.

Push-button controls allow selecting of five ac and dc voltage ranges, five ac and dc current ranges, and six resistance ranges. The measurement capabilities of the 8000A range from 100 microvolts to 1199 volts ac and dc, 100 nanoamperes to 1.999 amperes ac and dc, and 100 milliohms to 19.99 megohms.

The front panel readout feaetures a 3½ digit display using light emitting diodes (LEDs). The display includes a self locating decimal point and a + or - polarity indicator. Full-scale readout is 1999 for all ranges and functions except the 1200 volt ac and dc range, which is 1199. A blinking full-scale readout indicates that the 8000A is being operated in an overrange condition.

Front panel input connectors are banana type and provide separate connections for common, current, and volt-ohm inputs. Both the current and volt-ohm inputs are referenced to the common input. Common is isolated from earth ground and can operate at a potential of up to ±1200 volts peak with reference to earth ground.

The overload features of the 8000A include a fused current input and an overvoltage protected volt-ohm input. This protection applies for any function and range selected.

  • DC voltage
    • Ranges: ±199.9 mV, ±1.999 V, ±19.99 V, ±199.9 V, ±1199 V
    • Accuracy: ±(0.1% of reading +1 digit)
    • Input impedance: 10 MΩ
    • Normal mode rejection: >60 dB
    • Common mode rejection: >120 dB
    • Response time: 500 ms
    • Maximum input voltage: 1200 Vdc or 1200 Vrms
  • AC voltage
    • Ranges: 199.9 mV, 1.999 V, 19.99 V, 199.9 V, 1199 V
    • Input impedance: 10 MΩ in parallel with 100 pF
    • Common mode rejection: >60 dB
    • Response time: 3 s, worst case
    • Maximum input voltage: 1200 Vrms
  • Direct current
    • Ranges: ±199.9 µA, ±1.999 mA, ±19.99 mA, ±199.9 mA, ±1999 mA
    • Accuracy: ±(0.3% of reading +1 digit)
    • Voltage burden: 0.3 V on all ranges except 0.6 V on 2000 mA range
    • Response time: 500 ms
    • Maximum input: 2 Arms
  • Alternating current
    • Ranges: 199.9 µA, 1.999 mA, 19.99 mA, 199.9 mA, 1999 mA
    • Voltage burden: 0.25 V on all ranges except 0.5 V on 2000 mA range
    • Response time: 3 s
    • Maximum input: 2 Arms
  • Resistance
    • Ranges: 199.9 Ω, 1.999 kΩ, 19.99 kΩ, 199.9 kΩ, 1999 kΩ, 19.99 MΩ
    • Response time: 500 ms; for 20 MΩ range: 4 s
    • Maximum input voltage: 130 Vrms, for 20 kΩ through 20 MΩ ranges: 250 Vrms
  • Options
    • Option 01: Battery pack
    • Option 02: Data ouput unit
    • Option 05: 10 A current range
    • Option 06: Low ohms ranges


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