Keysight 8153A

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Keysight 8153A Lightwave multimeter mainframe


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  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 8153A Specs (118.1 KB)
Status Discontinued
Alternative 8163B Lightwave Multimeter

The central element of the 8153A lightwave multimeter system is the mainframe. You customize the mainframe using plug-in modules and a changeable fiber connector interface.

The 8153A has a dual channel display. For each channel, there is a main display with six digits and an auxiliary display with eight characters. The 8153A can function as a half-channel power meter or light source, or as a loss/return-loss test set. Each of the four power sensor modules is calibrated over its entire wavelength range and is traceable to NIST and PTB for precise optical power measurements. Their excellent linearity and high stability provide the basis for precise determination of optical insertion loss for both single-mode and multi-mode components.

The source modules for the system offer very good short-term and long-term stability. The high output power can be internally attenudated by up to 6 dB. All sources ouput CW or pulse-modulated light.

  • Display power range: +30 to -110 dBm
  • Data acquisition memory: 500 measurement results/channel
  • Power sensor modules:
    • Wavelength range: 450-1020 nm, 800-1700 nm
    • Power range: 81530A: +3 to -100 dBm, 81531A: +3 to -90 dBm, 81532A: +3 to -110 dBm, 81536A: +3 to -70 dBm
    • Display resolution: 0.001 dB/dBm, 0.01 pW to 10 pW
    • Accuracy: +/-2.5% (Total uncertainty: +/-5%)
    • Noise (peak to peak): 81530A: <0.5pW, 81531A: <1.5 pW, 81532A: <0.5 pW, 81536A: <50 pW
  • Optical heads:
    • Wavelength ranges: 450-1020 nm, 900-1700 nm, 800-1650 nm
    • Display resolution: 0.001 dB/dBm, 0.01 pW to 10 pW
    • Accuracy: +/- 2.2% (81533B, 81525A: +/- 3.0%)
    • Noise (peak to peak): 81533B, 81520A: <0.5pW; 81533B, 81521B: <50 pW; 81533B, 81521B (#001): <600 pW; 81533B, 81524A: <5 pW; 81533B, 81525A: <500 pW
  • HP-IB interface


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