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Probe Master Inc 4241 100x/1000x, 70MHz, 700V, 2500 VRMS Differential Probe


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  Boonton Electronics 4241 Specs (923 KB)
Channels  1  
Freq. Range Low  10.00 kHz 
Freq. Range High  40.00 GHz 
Sensor Type  Diode, Thermocouple  
Computer Interface  IEEE-488, RS-232 (9-pin connector) standard  
Sensors  51071A/72A/75A/77A/79A; 51100(9E), 51200; 51011(EMC)/(4B), 51013(4E), 51015(5E), 51033(6E), 51078; 51085  
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See also 4242

The 4240 series of CW RF power meters provides the high speed measurement capability needed in a production environment, as well as the simplicity of operation required for bench top use. It provides very accurate measurements from -70 dBm to +44 dBm (sensor dependent) and has a rapid display update rate for tuning applications. The easy to read LCD displays both channels simultaneously with numeric and bar graph information.

The 4240 series has a 5 digit resolution and can display the value in either logarithmic or linear units. The 4242 two channel model allows the simultaneous comparison of multiple inputs during testing and in difference and ratio measurements.

The 4240 series is compatible with all Boonton CW diode, thermocouple, and waveguide sensors from 10 kHz to 40 GHz. Older sensors can be upgraded with a data adaptor to use the convenient auto calibration feature on the meter, eliminating the need to manually calibrate data input. Standard IEEE-488 GPIB and RS232 ports allow convenient interfacing with an ATE system. The SCPI command set, or an available LabVIEW driver, allows simple integration with your existing ATE system. The 4240 Series is capable of HP437, HP438, 4220A and 4230A emulation modes for additional compatibility in any ATE system.

  • -70 dBm to +44 dBm, depending on sensor
  • 90 dB dynamic range, depending on sensor
  • 10 kHz to 40 Ghz measurement range
  • Single or dual-channel display
  • >200 measurements per second
  • Agilent HP 437 & Agilent HP 438,  and Boonton 4220A & 4230A emulation
  • Automatically loads sensor data
  • Simple software control via SCPI language
  • 50 MHz step calibrator
  • IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces standard

4240 Series specifications:

  • Frequency range: 10 kHz to 40 GHz, sensor dependent
  • Power range: -70 dBm to +44 dBm, sensor dependent
  • Number of channels: One (4241) or two (4242)
  • Measurement Speed
    • 1 channel: 200 readings/sec
    • 2 channels: 100 readings/sec
  • Power Sensors: Accepts sensor data adapter with full-calibration data, including high-frequency calibration factors, stored in nonvolatile memory. Sensor menu accesses sensors displaying sensor serial number. Compatible with all Boonton CW power sensors
  • Dynamic Range: Up to 90 dB with diode sensors, 50 dB with thermocouple sensors
  • Emulation: 4220A, 4230A & HP437, 438
  • Displays: Menu-driven 20 character x 4 line LCD display. Simultaneous display of dual channels with bar graph proportional to data display
  • Display Units
    • Absolute: watts or dBm
    • Relative: dBr
  • Display Resolution 5 digits; nW, μW, mW, and W; 0.001 dB, dBm, and dBr


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