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Agilent HP  NETWORK ANALYZER 130 MHz to 13.5 or 20 GHz The 8719A Microwave Network Analyzer 130MHz to 13.5GHz frequency range, 100kHz frequency resolution(1 Hz option 001), -10dBm to -65dBm power range, 85dB dynamic range(99 dB option 003), Built-in fast-sweeping synthesized source and Integrated switching S-parameter test set. Options W30 EXTENDED REPAIR SERVICEW31 ON-SITE REPAIR SERVICEW32 CALIBRATION SERVICE



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Status Discontinued
Alternative 8719ES S-parameter Vector Network Analyzer, 13.5 GHz
See also 8720B

The HP 8719A and 8720B are high performance microwave network analyzers for measurements of reflection and transmission parameters. The 8719A covers the frequency range of 130 MHz to 13.5 GHz. The 8720B reaches 20 GHz. Frequency resolution is 100 kHz (standard) or 1 Hz with option 001. Each instrument integrates a synthesized source, a switching S-parameter test set, and a dual channel receiver to measure and display magnitude, phase, and group delay of transmitted and reflected power. Option 010 provides the capability of transforming measured data from the frequency domain to the time domain.

Digital signal processing and microprocessor controls combine to provide easy operation and measurement improvement. Measurement functions are selected with front panel keys and softkey menus. Two independent display channels and a large screen color CRT display the measurement results of one or both channels, in logarithmic, linear, or Smith chart display formats.

Trace math, data averaging, trace smoothing, electrical delay, and accuracy enhancement provide performance improvement and flexibility. Accuracy enhancement reduces the effects of repeatable measurement variations in the test system. Displayed measurement results can be printed or plotted directly to a compatible peripheral without the use of an external computer. Instrument states can be saved in internal memory for at least three days without line power to the instrument. In addition, each analyzer can control a compatible disk drive for external storage capability. Built-in service diagnostics are available to simplify troubleshooting procedures.

The analyzer is equipped with the HP-IB interface.

  • Frequency range: 130 MHz to 13.5 GHz
  • Frequency resolution: 100 kHz (1 Hz with option 001)
  • Accuracy: 10 ppm
  • Output power range: -10 to -65 dBm
  • Dynamic range:
    • 0.13 to 0.g GHz: 70 dB
    • 0.5 to 2 GHz: 80 dB
    • 2 to 8 GHz: 85 dB
    • 8 to 13.5 GHz: 85 dB
  • Options:
    • 001: 1 Hz frequency resolution
    • 003: Extended dynamic range
    • 010: Time domain
    • 830: Calibration kit and cables
    • 802: Disk drive
    • 913: Rack mount with handles


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