Tektronix TDS 460a

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tek TDS 460a 4-ch 400mhz digitizing osc 100MS/s Opts: 05,,1m,2f

Option: 05,,1m,2f


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Tektronix TDS460A Specs (67.2 KB)
Bandwidth  400.0 MHz 
Channels  4  
Sample Rate  100.00 MSa/sec 
Memory Depth  120 K  
Status Discontinued
Alternative TDS1000 Series, TDS2000 Series, TDS6000B Series, TDS6000C Series, TPS2000 Series
Be Confident You Are Seeing Actual Signals with up to 400 MHz Bandwidth and ±1.5% Accuracy Capture Transient Events to the Full Scope Bandwidth with Its 100 MS/s Sample Rate 4 Channels Record Lengths to 120 K (Opt. XL) Floppy Disk Storage Speed Up Your Circuit Analysis with 25 Built-in Automatic Measurements and Extended Waveform Math/FFT (Opt. XL) Roll Mode Allows You to See Acquired Data Points Without Waiting for the Acquisition of the Complete Waveform Use the Video Trigger Mode to See NTSC, PAL, SECAM Signals or Your Own Custom Video Signals Capture Those Glitches with the 10 ns Peak Detect Mode


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