WaveRunner 62Xi - LeCroy Digital

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WaveRunner 62Xi - LeCroy Digital Oscilloscopes

WaveRunner Xi Series gives you everything with no compromises: great performance, big display, and small footprint along with WaveStream fast viewing mode, enhanced standard trigger capability, and much more. WaveRunner Xi is the perfect solution whether your signals are fast or slow. No matter what your need, you can put the precision, performance, and capability of WaveRunner Xi to work for you.

  • Great Performance. With 5 GS/s and 2 Mpts on every channel (up to 10 GS/s interleaved with WaveRunner 64Xi), you can be assured of precise measurements of fast signals, and long captures of slow speed events
  • Big Display / Small Footprint. LeCroy believes that the display is your window to insight about the behavior of your circuit. That is why we use a big, bright 10.4 inch color display to make your signals really come alive. You will love the impressive display viewing angle, and the very small instrument footprint makes it easy to work anywhere
  • LeCroy WaveStreamTM Fast Viewing Mode. WaveStream has a rich, lively analog oscilloscope feel with 256 intensity levels mapped to the display. In addition, it works at sample rates up to 10 GS/s. WaveStream is most helpful in viewing signals that have signal jitter or signal anomalies. It is also an excellent runt or glitch finder. WaveStream also excels in allowing you to relate composite (WaveStream) to single-event (real-time sampled) behaviors
  • Unmatched Measurement Capability. With WaveRunner Xi, you can quickly accumulate data on thousands of measurements, often in a single shot. Touch a button and display statistical information. Touch another button to display a Histicon graphical view of the measurement distribution. Expand this view into a larger


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