Tektronix TDS6604

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Tektronix TDS6604 6 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

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Status Discontinued
Launch Date Jan-2002

The TDS6000 Series instruments are high performance solutions for verifying, debugging, and characterizing sophisticated electronic designs. Classic analog-style controls, a large touch-sensitive display, and graphical menus provide intuitive control.

The TDS6604 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a four-channel, real-time instrument that offers 6 GHz bandwidth as well as a simultaneous 20 GS/s sample rate on 2 channels. With its ability to support single shot acquisition at 6 GHz, the TDS6604 is the first oscilloscope with multiple-channel acquisition at such speeds. This exceptional performance is key to high-speed signal integrity measurement work; it enables accurate capture of the brief transients and fast signal edges that affect digital system performance.

The TDS6604 includes Tektronix-pioneered triggering features, which support clock recovery at data rates up to 2.5 Gb/s and serial pattern trigger (option ST) at up to 1.25 GBaud (GigaBaud).

It is also the first DSO to incorporate the proven Tektronix Open Windows® platform, providing easy access to industry-standard peripherals, networking elements, and analysis tools. The TDS6604 supports the Tektronix broad selection of automated measurement packages such as TDSJIT2 for jitter measurements, TDSUSB2 for USB 2.0 compliance testing, and more. Option SM provides a broad portfolio of masks that allow users to perform conformance testing to electrical standards, such as InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, USB, Serial ATA and IEEE 1394.

  • Number of channels: 4
  • Bandwidth: 6 GHz
  • Maximum sample rate (real time): 20 GS/s
  • Maximum record length: 250000 points
  • Minimum rise time: 70 ps
  • Jitter: To 0.7 psrms
  • Separate digitizers: Ensure accurate timing measurements with separate digitizers for each channel. Acquisition on multiple channels is always concurrent. The digitizers can also be combined to yield a higher sample rate on a single channel
  • Horizontal delay: Use delay when you want to acquire a signal at a significant time interval after the trigger point. Toggle delay on and off to quickly compare the signal to two different points in time
  • Average, Envelope, and Hi Res Acquisition:
    • Average acquisition: For removing uncorrelated noise from your signal
    • Envelope acquisition: For capturing and displaying the maximum variation of the signal
    • Hi Res acquisition: For increasing vertical resolution for lower bandwidth signals
  • Waveform math: Set up simple math waveforms using the basic arithmetic functions or create more advanced math waveforms using the math expression editor. Waveform expressions can even contain measurement results and other math waveforms
  • Spectral Analysis: Display spectral magnitude and phase waveforms based on your time-domain acquisitions. Control the instrument using the traditional spectrum analyzer controls such as span and center frequency
  • Color LCD display, 640 x 480 pixels, SVGA support
  • Use cursors to take simple voltage, time, and frequency measurements
  • Automatic Measurements: Choose from a large palette of amplitude, time, and histogram measurements. You can customize the measurements by changing reference levels or by adding measurement gating
  • Triggering: Simple edge triggering or eight choices of advanced trigger types, dual triggering
  • Autoset for quickly setting up the vertical, horizontal, and trigger controls for a usable display
  • Touch Screen Interface: You can operate all instrument functions (except the power switch and the touch screen enable/disable switch) from the touch screen interface. If convenient, you can also install a mouse and keyboard to use the interface
  • Toolbar or Menu Bar: You can choose a toolbar operating mode that is optimized for use with the touch screen, or a PC-style menubar operating mode that is optimized for use with a mouse
  • Open Desktop: The instrument is built on a Microsoft™ Windows® software platform; the instrument application program starts automatically when you apply power to the instrument
  • Data Storage and I/O: The instrument has a removeable hard disk drive, a CD-RW, and a floppy disk drive that can be used for storage and retrieval of data. The instrument has GPIB, USB, Centronics, and Ethernet ports for input and output to other devices
  • Dedicated Front Panel Controls: The front panel contains knobs and buttons to provide immediate access to the most common instrument controls. Separate vertical controls are provided for each channel. The same functions are also available through the screen interface
  • Rear panel ports: SVGA, scope VGA, parallel, serial, keyboard, mouse, LAN, Audio, USB, GPIB
  • Online Help: The instrument has a complete online help system that covers all its features


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