Create a Spreadsheet

Used-Line can place your listings on the site either by spidering your existing site, or by uploading a spreadsheet. To set up the spider, simply email the url of your website or online store to your sales rep or For the spreadsheet, please see below.

How to Create and Submit Your Used-Line Spreadsheet

Step 1 – Create the Spreadsheet

Try our spreadsheet template.

Optimal Columns for the Spreadsheet
Here is a list of the optimal data fields for the spreadsheet. The minimum fields are MFR and Model, although the more fields, the better the listings.

  1. MFR - Item Make or Manufacturer
  2. Model - Model Number
  3. Desc - Description
  4. Price - Price in Dollars. This should be just a number, no $ sign. If there is no price, leave it blank and "Call" will be displayed.
  5. Picture - Link to Photo (if available). Please include entire url path to image file.
  6. Link - Relevant for Premium Items only. Links to the item page on the dealer’s website. Leave this empty unless you signed up for Premium Items Add-On.
  7. Options - Options over and above the standard configuration, such as, available upgrades and available extras, for example, memory upgrades, software, port configurations, rack mount kits, accessories, licenses, etc.
  8. Keywords - Keywords are used to help our robot determine the correct category. Used-Line subcategory names work best. Not required, but highly recommended.
  9. In_Stock - If you paid for the "In Stock" option for your listings, please write "in stock" where applicable and our robot will put the special "In Stock" icon in the corresponding listings. You can also type the number "1" in this column for the items you want to show as in stock. Leave the columns blank where you don’t want the icon to appear.
  10. Condition - Item condition. I.e. new, used, refurbished etc.

Step 2 – Submit the Spreadsheet

Please email your completed spreadsheet to Please allow 1 – 2 business days for the listings to post.

Step 3 – Check Your Listings and Contact Info

To take a look at your uploaded listings within your Used-Line portal, please log in (in the upper right of the homepage) and choose "My UL." Your listings will be under "My Auto Ads."

Once you register with Used-Line, you will want to log in and make sure that all of your company data is up-to-date, and send yourself a test RFQ to make sure that you are receiving them to the correct email address. You may also want to check back periodically to view the "statistics" page.

Step 4 – Update Your Listings

You can email your updates to any time you want to replenish the listings. Be sure to keep your most recent spreadsheet on hand and update from there, because each submission overwrites the current listings.

Common questions:

What if I lost my last spreadsheet? Do I have to start from scratch, or can I download the existing listings?

Not to worry. You can download the entire list by clicking "my ads" and then "all" under the "show" dropdown box. Once you have all your items in view, a button will pop up that says "export." You can then update from there and send it over to us.

How do I create a link to the photo?

Go to the listing on your actual website or any website where the product is hosted with a picture. Right-click on the picture and select "copy image url" and insert this into the spreadsheet. This is what’s known as an image path.

What if I don’t have a photo hosted online?

Our robot will search our database for a stock photo. If none exists, there just won’t be a picture for that item.

How long before the new listings are updated to

1-2 business days. Spreadsheets submitted on Thursday usually post on Sunday.

What if I want to spider my listings?

Just email with your request, and cc

Can I do both – spider my site and send a spreadsheet?

Not at the present moment. Although this is in development, for now you have to choose one method or the other.

Where can I see my uploaded spreadsheet in my Used-Line portal?

After you log in, choose "My Ads" and then "My Auto-Ads."

Why do only some items have the date of the most recent update?

Under the "date" column for your auto ads, it shows the date of the first time that item was uploaded. So if you uploaded your Spectrum Analyzer for the first time on May 15th, it will show that date until the item is erased from your spreadsheet.

Can I update my listings manually?

You can, provided you have slots for featured listings. You can purchase these slots from your Used-Line rep.

What are the benefits of featured listings?

Featured listings appear at the top of the search results for that item, can be edited manually, and up to 5 photos can be added. These listings will occasionally appear above the search results in their own box when the overall category is searched.

How can I make my spreadsheet items featured listings?

After your sheet is uploaded, simply go to "My Auto Ads" and select "Make Featured Item."

Oops! I chose the wrong listing. How can I insert this back into my feed?

Simply click "unfeature".

How can I erase a listing from My Auto Ads?

If you have at least 1 featured slot available, simply make that item featured and then chose the red circle with the x to delete the item. If you don’t have any featured slots, then you will have to erase it from your spreadsheet and re-send the spreadsheet to for a new upload.

More questions? Please email