Basic Tips for Perfecting Your Used-Line Listings

How to get the most out of


  1. Optimizing Your Listings
    • Changing Your Ad Titles
    • Equipment Categories and Ad Titles
    • Including Photos In Your Listing
    • Listing Featured Items
    • Including Prices as Opposed to "Call"
  3. The Used-Line Spiderbot
    • What it Does
    • Getting it Perfect Using a Download Table (Data Feed)
  5. The In-Stock Icon & Premium Listings
  6. Banner Ads & Email Blasts


Optimizing Your Listings

Used-Line can place your listings on the site either by spidering your existing site, or by uploading a spreadsheet. To set up the spider, simply email the url of your website or online store to your sales rep or For the spreadsheet, please choose the menu item "Spreadsheet Instructions" on the left.

Changing Your Ad Titles

If you post your ads manually with Used-Line manual ads (aka Featured Listings), than you have complete control over what is included in the title, and can edit the individual ad.

Otherwise, the system will use the first few words of the description to create the title of the ad. If you want to change this without changing the description on the spreadsheet, you can add an extra column with the heading "Title" and the system will use that. For spidered listings, the change would have to be made on the download source.

Equipment Categories and Ad Titles

We have a sophisticated system that detects key words in the ad and decides the category automatically. Your chances for correct categorization increase when you have descriptive titles. Correct categorization is a major plus as it’s a way for people to find your product without knowing the model or manufacturer. If you see that your equipment is in the wrong category, then simply contact us and we will adjust it on our end.

Including Photos in Your Listing

For manual ads, aka "Featured Listings," you can add up to 5 photos. For manual ads, select "Place New Ads." Then simply click on the "Add Picture" icon at the bottom of the page and choose your photo.

In regards to the automatic listings, you are limited to 1 photo per listing. If your listings are being spidered, the robot will simply spider over the first photo on the listing. For spreadsheets, simply insert the image path (url) in the column that says "picture."

To obtain the image path (url), go to the listing on your actual website or any website where the product is hosted with a picture. Right-click on the picture and select "Copy Image URL" if in Chrome, or the equivalent in other browsers (FireFox had "Copy Image Location). Then insert this url into the spreadsheet. For more information on spreadsheets, please visit the "Spreadsheet Instructions" tab.

Listing Featured Items

You can purchase Featured Items by speaking with your Used-Line rep.

Featured listings appear at the top of the search results for that item, can be edited manually, and up to 5 photos can be added. These listings will occasionally appear above the search results in their own box when the overall category is searched.

There are two ways to make an item a featured listing. One way is to upload the listing from scratch. You can do this by logging in and selecting "My Ads," then "My Featured Items," then "Place New Ads." From there, simply fill in the information and click "submit."

The other way to make an item "featured" is to move it from your auto ads into your featured items. You can do this by clicking "My Ads," then "My Auto Ads." From here, simply choose the listing that you want to be featured, and click "Make Featured Item." If you want to move the item out of Featured Listings and back into your auto ads, then simply click the button that says "unfeature." If you want to delete the listing altogether, then simply click the red circle with the x in it and it will delete this ad. You can restore any deleted listings by choosing "Restore Deleted Items" from the menu items on the left.

Including Prices as Opposed to "Call"

A common question is whether it is optimal to include a price or not. If you fail to include a price, the listing will simply say "Call" in the price column. Our observation on this topic is that when you list a specific price, it pre-qualifies the lead and filters out bottom feeders. This is recommended if dealers want to minimize calls and only hear from serious shoppers. However, some dealers prefer to get more calls, and if no price is listed it can encourage calls.

The Used-Line Spiderbot

What does it do?

The Used-Line Spiderbot is the system that automatically visits dealer websites and obtains inventory information. This system gets dealer inventories listed with absolutely no effort from the dealer. The robot than determines the correct equipment category and inserts the listings into the database.

How often does it update?

The default frequency for the Spiderbot is every 72 hours. Upon request, we can spider as often as every 24 hours. Please notify your Used-Line rep if you require a more frequent spider.

What are the limitations?

At this point, the Spiderbot has become so sophisticated that we rarely see limitations. If you do happen to spot an anomaly, please email immediately and let us know what’s going on.

Getting Your Listings Perfect - Download Tables (Data Feeds)

If you want to maximize your listings via the Spiderbot, you can create a data feed for our robot in XML or HTML. If you don’t see things spidering exactly as you want them to do, this is often the best way to address the issue.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to structure your data feed or to get an Excel template.

The In-Stock Icon & Premium Listings

Adding the In-Stock Icon to Your Listings

You can purchase the In-Stock Icon by speaking with your Used-Line rep.

We have a paid feature that allows for a green icon that says "In Stock" next to the applicable listings. This is a great way to draw attention to your listings and encourage customers that are looking for an immediate purchase. If you only want certain listings to say "In Stock," then you must delineate these listings.

If you are using Featured Listings, then you can simply check the box that says "In-Stock." (Note: this box only appears after you purchase the In-Stock Icon add-on.) If you are emailing us a spreadsheet to upload, then place a "1" or the words "In Stock" underneath the column titled "In Stock" on your spreadsheet. If we are spidering the listings, then let us know how we should instruct the robot to determine which listings are in stock. Having the words "in stock" on the listing on your homepage is one option.

Premium Listings - Bringing You Qualified Traffic

You can purchase the Premium Listings by speaking with your Used-Line rep.

Used-Line offers a service to enhance your ads in a way that brings high quality visitors to your website. If you have a website with detailed pages for your inventory, premium listings will get buyers looking for specific items directly to the page on your website where they can learn more about your item. Each item you list on Used-Line will have a very noticeable image of your website and a link to the item detail page. We have seen a 30% increase in click-thrus when dealers upgrade from regular listings to premium listings. These extra clicks go directly to the items themselves, not just the dealer’s homepage.

Email Blasts, Website & ENewsletter Banners has been in business since 1999 and we have amassed a huge opt-in email list. You can purchase custom Email Blasts going out to 5K, 10K, or 15K key subscribers. We also feature banner slots in our monthly ENewsletter that goes out to over 30,000 subscribers. Homepage banners and banners on the inside pages of our website can give your company huge exposure and show everyone that you are major players in the industry. Call 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066, or email or your Used-Line rep for details and pricing.