California Instrument 800T-40/5k-1

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800T-40/5k-1 California Instrument 800T Precision Oscillator Plug-In, 40Hz - 5KHz

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Status Discontinued

The California Instruments 800T series of plug-in oscillators are designed for applications that require a sweep through the bandwidth without steps. The 800T features a large calibrated vernier scaled dial to select the desired frequency.

The continuously variable 800T series oscillators include both multiband wide-range units and single-band narrow-range units. The multi-phase units include single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase models.

The series also includes "Open Delta" models. A single three-phase oscillator drives two power sources of equal VA rating. The oscillator provides two equal amplitude drive voltages at a 60° phase angle. The power sources are loaded in such a way that the third load phase is necsessarily at a 60° angle with the other two loads, forming a delta.

Each two-phase and three-phase oscillator contains an amplitude control to obtain simultaneous variation of the amplitude of each phase.

The 800T can be synchronized to an external reference frequency. The synchronization signal is connected to a terminal on the power source and is routed to the oscillator through the mating plug-in connector.

  • Frequency ranges in single, two, or three phases: 20 to 20 kHz in three bands, 45 to 75 Hz in one band, 300 to 500 Hz in one band
  • Amplitude
    • Single-phase oscillators: 5 Vrms ±1% over frequency range
    • Multi-phase oscillators: Continuously variable from 0 to >5 Vrms with front panel amplitude control
  • Frequency response: ±1% over full frequency range
  • External synchronization: External frequency must be within ±0.5% of oscillator frequency. Amplitude 5 Vrms
  • Phase relationship
    • 2-phase oscillators: 90° ±2°
    • 3-phase oscillators: 120° ±2°
    • 3-phase open-delta oscillators: 60° ±2°
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% maximum (45 to 5 kHz), 0.25% maximum (5 kHz to 20 kHz)


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