Keysight 6267B

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Keysight 6267B DC Power Supply 40V/10A Const V/A


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Status Discontinued
See also 6274B, 6256B, 6263B, 6264B, 6265B, 6266B, 6271B

The eight models of the 6200 Series constant-voltage / constant-current DC power supplies use a transistor series regulator combined with a triac preregulator for high efficiency, excellent regulation, and low ripple and noise. These supplies are suitably packaged for either bench or relay rack operation. Models 6256B, 6264B, 6267B, and 6274B are housed in a 5 1/4-inch high full-rack-width cabinet, and  models 6263B, 6265B, 6266B, and 6271B are housed in a similar 3 1/2-inch high cabinet.

The outputs of these supplies can be varied from zero to full rated voltage or current by setting coarse and fine voltage and current controls on the front panel, or they can be programmed remotely by resistance or voltage inputs to rear panel terminals. When the voltage controls are used to establish a constant output voltage, the current controls establish a current limit that can protect the load from overcurrent; when the current controls are used to establish a constant output current, the voltage controls establish a voltage limit that can protect the load from excessive voltage. The crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current operation, or vice versa, occurs automatically when the load current reaches the value established by the current controls or the voltage reaches the value established by the voltage controls. The output voltage and current can both be monitored continuously on front panel meters.

  • 6267B output: 0-40 volts at 0-10 amps
  • 6267B resolution: 5 mV, 10 mA 
  • PARD (ripple and noise):
    • Constant voltage: <200 microVrms
    • Constant current: <3 mArms 
  • Built-in overvoltage protection crowbar circuit
  • Convection cooled
  • Remote programming of outputs
  • Remote sensing
  • Auto-parallel operation for sharing loads between two or three similar supplies
  • Auto-series operation for controlling the outputs of two or three supplies simultaneously
  • Auto-tracking operation for master-slave control where two or three supplies share a common negative output


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