Agilent HP 6237B

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HP/AGILENT 6237B POWER SUPPLY, 0-18 V/1 A, 0-+20, -20 V-0.5 A


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Status Discontinued
Alternative E3611A, E3620A
See also 6236B

The 6236B and 6237B constant voltage / current limiting triple output supplies combine two 0 to ±20 V tracking outputs rated at 0.5 A with an additional single output that in the 6236B is rated at 0 to +6 V and up to 2.5 A, and in the 6237B is rated at 0 to +18 V and 1 A. The +20 V and -20 V tracking outputs can also be used in series as a single 0 to 40 V 0.5 A output.

Connections to the output and to chassis ground of the supply are made to binding posts on the front panel. The three outputs of the supply share a common output terminal, which is isolated from chassis ground so that any one output terminal can be grounded.

All outputs are protected against overload and short-circuit damage. The +18 V output in the 6237B and the ±20 V outputs in both models are protected by circuits that limit the output current to 110% of its nominal maximum. The overload protection circuit for the +6 V output in the 6236B has a current foldback characteristic that reduces the output current as an overload increases until only 1 A flows through a short circuit. The current limit of the 6 V output depends on the output terminal voltage and varies linearly between 2.75 A at 6 V and 1 A at 0 V.

All controls, meters, and output terminals are located on the front panel. One voltage control sets the 0 to +6 / +18 V output and another sets the voltages of the 0 to +20 V and 0 to -20 V outputs simultaneously. These dual tracking outputs are made more versatile by the provision of a tracking ratio control in addition to the usual voltage control. With the tracking ratio control turned fully clockwise to its "fixed" position, the dual outputs have a fixed 1:1 tracking ratio. As the ±20 V is adjusted, the voltage of the negative supply tracks the positive output within ±1%. Turning the tracking ratio control away from its fully-clockwise position switches the dual tracking outputs into a variable tracking ratio mode. In this mode, the voltage of the negative output can be set lower than that of the positive output. The tracking ratio control allows the output of the negative supply to be set to any value between a maximum that is within 10% of the output of the positive supply and a minimum that is less than 0.5 V. Once a ratio is established by the tracking ratio control, the ratio of the positive output voltage to the negative output voltage remanins constant as the ±20 V voltage control varies the 0 to +20 V output over its range.

The front panel also contains a line switch and a pilot light, a voltmeter and an ammeter, and a meter switch that selects one of the three outputs of the supply to be monitored on both dual-range meters.

  • Input power: 104-127 Vac (other options available), 47-63 Hz, single phase, 112 W, 140 VA 
  • DC output and overload protection:
    • 0 to ±20 V, maximum rated output current 0.5 A
    • 0 to +18 V, maximum rated output current 1.0 A
  • Tracking accuracy: The +20 V and -20 V outputs track within 1% with the TRACKING RATIO control in the FIXED position
  • Ripple and noise:<0.35 mVrms and 1.5 mVp-p
  • Load regulation: <0.01% plus 2 mV
  • Source effect: <0.01% plus 2 mV
  • Drift: <0.1% plus 5 mV


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