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Status Discontinued
See also 1101A, 1103

The Tektronix 1102 Accessory Power Supply provides external power to accessories and probes when the oscilloscope or similar instrument does not have the capability to do so.

The 1102 can operate at either 115 VAC or 230 VAC nominal voltage. Optional power cords are available to provide compatibility with different power source connections. The power supply has overload protection. It has a power switch on the rear panel and a power indicator on the front panel.

The 1102 has four power receptacles that will power up four independent probes, such as the Tektronix P6511 or P6515 spring contact probes. In addition, the 1102 will power the P6501 microprobe or the A6501 buffer amplifier when used with the appropriate power cord. The 1102 provides +5 VDC, -5 VDC, +15 VDC, and -15VDC at the probe connectors.

  • Output voltage: +15 VDC, -15 VDC, +5 VDC, -5 VDC, accuracy ±2%
  • Output current: 300 mA 
  • Line voltage: Low range 87 VAC to 128 VAC, high range 174 VAC to 250 VAC
  • Line frequency: 48 to 440 Hz
  • Power consumption: 35 W
  • Line fuse:
    • Low range (115 VAC): 250 V, 0.4 A T/SB
    • High range (230 VAC): 250 V, 0.20 A T/SB
  • Output configuration:
    • Pin 1: +15 VDC
    • Pin 2: +5 VDC 
    • Pin 3: -5 VDC
    • Pin 4: -15 VDC
    • Pin 5: Common


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