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Tektronix AM503S AC/DC Current Probe System


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The Tektronix AM 503S Current Probe System consists of an AM 503/A Current Probe Amplifier, an A6302 Current Probe, and a TM 502A Power Module.

The AM 503S lets you use one probe to simultaneously measure AC and DC current. The AM 503A amplifier converts the sensed current into a proportional voltage signal that you can measure directly with an oscilloscope or similar measuring device. You can select the probe that best matches your application. Each probe uses a moveable slide to clamp around the conductor under test.

The AM 503S provides better linearity than other current measurement systems because of a current feedback process used with the probe. DC measurement capability and high bandwidth allow the AM 503S to accurately represent square waves and fast-rise signals. The high sensitivity of the AM 503A maximizes measurement precision.

In addition to the AM 503S system, you need an oscilloscope to display the AM 503S measurements. The oscilloscope bandwidth should be approximately four times the bandwidth of your current probe and should be capable of displaying a vertical scale factor of 10 mV/div.

  • Components
    • AM 503A current probe amplifier amplifies the current sensed by the probe and converts the current to a proportional voltage that is displayed on an oscilloscope or other similar measuring device: simultaneous DC and AC current measurements, high sensitivity, one-button autobalancing and probe degaussing
    • A6302 current probe is included as standard. Can add or substitute the A6303
    • TM 502A power module is a lightweight, portable power supply that accepts up to two single-width TM 500 instruments, such as the AM 503A or TVC 501 Time-to-Voltage Converter
    • Toolbox for storing probes, cables, accessories, and small tools. It can be plugged into the TM 502A next to the AM 503A amplifier
    • BNC output cable: 50 Ω cable connects the output of the AM 503A to your oscilloscope or measuring device
    • 50 Ω termination: Because the output impedance of the AM 503A is 50 Ω, the input impedance of your oscilloscope must be 50 Ω. If the input impedance of your scope is 1 MΩ, attach the 50 Ω feed-through termination to the oscilloscope input
  • Bandwidth
    • With A6302: DC to 50 MHz
    • With A6303: DC to 15 MHz
  • DC accuracy: ±3%
  • Rise time
    • With A6302: ≤7 ns
    • With A6303: ≤23 ns
  • Aberrations: ±5%
  • Amp · Second product (unit of measure defining the maximum amount of pulsed current that can be measured before the probe core becomes saturated)
    • With A6302: 100 x 10-6 (100 A · µs)
    • With A6303: 10000 x 10-6 (10000 A · µs)
  • Deflection factor (oscilloscope at 10 mV/div)
    • With A6302: 1 mA/div to 5 A/div in 1‑2‑5 increments
    • With A6303: 10 mA/div to 50 A/div in 1‑2‑5 increments
  • Frequency derating: Maximum continous current rating decreases above 20 kHz
  • Insertion impedance
    • With A6302: 0.1 Ω at 1 MHz, 0.5 Ω at 50 MHz
    • With A6303: 0.02 Ω at 1 MHz, 0.15 Ω at 15 MHz
  • Low-frequency limit (AC coupled): ≤7 Hz
  • Maximum continuous current
    • With A6302: 20 A (DC + Peak AC), 14.14 Arms
    • With A6303: 100 A (DC + Peak AC), 70.7 Arms
  • Maximum pulsed current (not to exceed the amp · second product)
    • With A6302: 50 A
    • With A6303: 500 A
  • Maximum voltage (bare wire)
    • With A6302: 500 V
    • With A6303: 700 V
  • Power consumption: 17 watts maximum
  • Random noise: <4 mVrms


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