Tektronix P6046

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Tektronix P6046 PROBE


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Status Discontinued
Alternative P6246 with 1103 or P6247 with 1103

The P6046 is a 100 MHz differential amplifier in probe form. It connects into one channel of a standard scope amplifier.

The P6046 differential probe and P6046 amplifier unit provide unique measurement capabilities with all Tektronix oscilloscopes. The differential-signal processing takes place in the probe itself, resulting in high common-mode signal rejection at higher frequencies. Differential probe-tip signal processing minimizes the measurement errors caused by differences in probes, cable lengths, and input attenuators.

  • Cable length: 6 ft (1.83 m)
  • Attenuation: 1/10
  • CMRR: With deflection factors of 1 to 20 mV/div, at least 10000:1 at 50 kHz, 5000:1 at 1 MHz, 1000:1 at 50 MHz
  • Bandwidth: DC to 100 MHz
  • Common-mode linear dynamic range: ±5, ±50 V (with 10X attenuator)
  • Rise time: 3.5 ns or less
  • Maximum input voltage: ±25 V
  • Input RC: 1 MΩ paralleled by 10 pF or less
  • Output impedance: 50 Ω
  • Displayed noise: 280 µV or less


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